Nintendo Takes Down Metroid Prime Music Videos

Nintendo Takes Down Metroid Prime Music Videos

After being contacted by Nintendo’s army of attorneys, a YouTube channel that offered music, covers, or remixes of iconic tunes from popular Nintendo games was compelled to remove content. It’s happened before, and now it’s happening again. Nintendo’s continuous fight against some of its most committed and ardent fans has claimed yet another victim, according to a new channel.

Synamax, a YouTube channel dedicated to music, is the newest member of the club, as first reported by NintendoLife. The user behind the channel had previously posted high-quality recreations and covers of various Metroid Prime songs, claiming in the channel’s bio that they have been composing music since 2004. However, Nintendo and its legal staff appear to have taken notice of this.

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In the new video, SynaMax says, “I’m incredibly disappointed in Nintendo for forcing me to take down these films because they want compulsory licenses.” They went on to say that, while these films are no longer available, his research videos regarding Metroid Prime’s soundtrack and other comparable videos are still safe to watch because they do not contain copyrighted music. They are also unable to make any further Metroid Prime or other Nintendo game soundtrack covers or remixes unless they obtain a “compulsory” license from the firm.

Nintendo and SynaMax have been contacted by Kotaku regarding the videos that have been removed. Nintendo owns and copyrights these tunes, according to SynaMax, and the publisher has “the legal authority to take this content down.” Over the last five years, we’ve seen this scenario play out numerous times.

Nintendo Takes Down Metroid
Nintendo Takes Down Metroid

Nintendo enthusiasts work hard to generate new, intriguing content for the games, or to provide other fans with easy ways to listen to Nintendo music that the publisher does not make available, and the “Big N” replies by threatening legal action against some of its most ardent and loyal followers.

Nintendo sent over 500 copyright claims to one YouTube channel earlier this month, requiring the creator to delete all Nintendo-related music from the channel. Many of the songs they’d uploaded to YouTube have become considerably more difficult to listen to as a result, which is a tremendous pain for die-hard fans who just want to relive their childhood or celebrate a game they adore.

Nintendo, of course, has every legal right to do so. However, many other game companies are now collaborating with fans and creators to allow them to develop great things in a legal and safe manner. Many publishers even provide legal, easy-to-access means for interested gamers to play their older libraries. Nintendo does not have to do this, as we previously stated. Despite this, it continues to do so, making it increasingly difficult to appreciate and celebrate the publisher’s rich history and cherished brands.

They questioned why the business is becoming so forceful rather than simply demonetizing relevant videos and allowing fans to continue to create and share Nintendo-inspired creations. SynaMax stated that he is not concerned about losing the cash; they simply want to share their music with more listeners. SynaMax closed up by claiming that they’re done making any more Nintendo-related stuff “for a very long time,” his irritation palpable.

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