One Piece 1037 Raw: Confirmed Release Date, Leaks And Spoilers

The manga’s latest chapter, titled “Bushido is the Way of Death,” in Chapter 1036. Zoro ultimately defeats King in this chapter. After the defeat of both the King and Queen, the war’s outcome is determined by Big Mom vs. Kid a Law and Kaidou vs. Luffy. If Luffy triumphs, Onigashima will collide with the capital, leaving Yamato and Momonosuke to save thousands of lives.

Luffy’s combat with Kaidou was finally mentioned, and they appear to be on an equal footing. Will Luffy eventually vanquish Kaidou and ascend to the position of pirate king? We’ll learn more in the following chapter of One Piece.

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One Piece 1037 Raw Storyline

The fight between Luffy and Kaidou will resume in the following chapter, but it will most likely not be resolved until everyone else’s bouts are ended.

We’ll receive an update on Big Mom vs. Law and Kid, but it won’t be resolved in a single chapter, since Big Mom still has considerable power.

Additionally, the CP0 agents will approach Robin, and their final battle may occur, with Robin and Brook finally defeating the agents.

Additionally, in King’s flashback, we saw him promising Kaidou that as long as he remains the greatest pirate, King will never lose a battle. His failure over Zoro may indicate that Kaidou is no longer the strongest.

One Piece 1037 Raw Casts And Characters

One Piece 1037 Raw Casts
One Piece 1037 Raw Casts

Bella Hudson

Erica Schroeder is an American voice actor best known for her performance as Elvira in the Netflix animated feature Secret Magic Control Agency, which debuted at number one on the Netflix global rankings in April 2021.

David Moo

David Benjamin Moo is a bartender, bar owner, and former voice actor from the United States. He has previously worked with 4Kids Entertainment, Central Park Media, NYAV Post, and TAJ Productions.

Jason Griffith

Known for his work with NYAV Post, 4K Media, and DuArt Film, Jason Griffith is an American voice actor. From 2005 until 2010, he was best known for his work as Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog in the English dub of Sonic X.

Kerry Williams

Among the companies, she has worked with are 4Kids Entertainment, Central Park Media, TAJ Productions, and DuArt Film and Video. Kerry Williams Originally from Virginia, she has worked as a dancer in Florida, Japan, and California before moving to New York City to pursue a career in voice acting.

Other Casts: Lisa Ortiz, Marc Diraison, Veronica Taylor

One Piece 1037 Raw Release Date

On Sunday, January 16, 2022, a new chapter of the One Piece manga was released. Sunday’s Shonen Jump magazine publishes the One Piece manga series.

One Piece 1036 Raw Recap

We resume up right where we left off in Chapter 1035, with Zoro dealing the death blow to King. As he plummets to the ground, his thoughts return to his exchange with Kaidou. In response to this, his captain asks him if the world he’s building is actually the one he wants.

King responds that he doesn’t need anything from Kaidou because he owns his life. Only the strongest will do, and Kaidou’s life is in his hands. He swears to never lose any combat, and he’ll make Kaidou Pirate King of the World!

Similarly, Zoro recalls the time when he told Luffy that he would never lose again. As promised to Luffy, Zoro defeats King in the last attack, completing his pledge.

There are still two monsters in the combat that might make Sanji and Zoro’s wins pointless, a masked CP0 member is told by a Mary. Big Mom and Kaidou are the antagonists in this battle between Kid & Law and Luffy.

In the event that Luffy beats Kaidou, Onigashima Island will fall on the capital and explode, destroying it. Animal Kingdom Pirates, led by Usopp on the second story of the castle, are on the prowl for the Akazaya Samurai and the Straw Hats. But when Kin’emon begs him to help him escape, he’s met with an unexpected response: Kiku denies leaving.

On the other side, Usopp exclaims that he’s going to save his own skin by leaving them both. When they ask him about his dislike for the culture of samurai, he explains that he doesn’t care what it looks like when he flees to save his own life.

So bursts into the fray just as he’s going to be surrounded and knocks down the pirates. In the meantime, Usopp and Hamlet have made their escape.

One Piece 1037 Raw Trailer


Young Monkey D. Luffy, who aspires to be the world’s best pirate, also travels to the Grand Line in quest of One Piece. Along the voyage, he’ll be accompanied by a team that includes a medic, archaeologist, cyborg-shipwright, navigator, and a swordsman.

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