Oregon Police Have Found Enough Fentanyl From A Crazy Driver That Goes On To Kill 4 Million

When Oregon police discovered a driver unconscious on the side of the road, they searched the vehicle and discovered a record-breaking 18 pounds of fentanyl pills, enough to kill 4 million people.

On October 19, just before 11 p.m., Andre Lavell Johnson of Portland was discovered “slumped over the steering wheel” at the intersection of E. 11th Avenue and High Street, according to Eugene Police.

Before waking up Johnson, 42, the officers pinned the vehicle.

The defendant, who had previous warrants out for his arrest, attempted to start the automobile and flee, but police said they removed him from the vehicle so they could conduct an examination.

Fentanyl pills were discovered there, “matching the characteristics of currently circulating counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl,” according to the police.

On the floor of the driver’s seat, there was also a gun that was later determined to be stolen.

Recent News-

Police found 18 pounds of fentanyl in both tablet and powder form after conducting a more thorough search of Johnson’s residence. It is the largest seizure in the history of the Eugene Police Department.

More than four million lives could be lost with just 18 pounds. The Substance Enforcement Agency estimates that a deadly dose of the drug is only 2 milligrammes.

Fentanyl-containing illicit drugs have become more prevalent in Eugene, according to the police.

The department issued a public warning about the substance, stating that it was impossible to determine how much fentanyl was concentrated in a pill or powder without laboratory testing. The possibility of fentanyl being included in any illegal drug should be assumed.

12 guns, numerous cell phones, and $47,000 in cash were also discovered by police during the search. It was reported that half the firearms were stolen.

He was taken into custody in the Lane County Jail on charges of DWI, DWI with a firearm, DWI with a suspended licence, and unlawful supply of a controlled narcotic.

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