Orlando Police Say a 5-year-old Boy Has Gone Missing

Orlando Police Say a 5-year-old Boy Has Gone Missing from Orlando on Wednesday, and deputies are searching for him. Around 12:45 pm, Pena vanished from his house on Savannah Landing Circle.

Melissa Stanton, Pena’s mother, said, “I want the best opportunity to find my son.” Stanton begged for Pena, a non-verbal autistic person, to be found safe as she sobbed on Wednesday night.

Stanton started seeking her son inside the house when she couldn’t hear him. She hurried outside to look for Pena when she saw that the rear door was unlocked and wide open.

He is also drawn to bodies of water, so she immediately goes to the pool area and pond. In addition to pyjama pants, Pena was last seen sporting a brown T-shirt with a bear image. It’s also assumed that he is shoeless.

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Pena stands about 4 feet tall, has black hair and brown eyes, and weighs 41 pounds. According to Stanton, he has a small forehead scar and a beautiful smile.

Sheriff’s deputies used sonar to search a nearby pond. To find the kid, deputies even halted all vehicles leaving the boy’s home in the gated enclave of Nona Terrace.

Orlando Police Say a 5-year-old Boy Has Gone Missing

Even strangers and neighbours searched without hesitation. Oh my God, I need to get on my bike and grab a flashlight, I just stated. Let’s attempt to find him, and we remarked as we got on the bike, Heidi Lear recalled.

Losing a kid is the worst thing anyone wants. Incredibly close to Thanksgiving. He is a pleased young man. He is an active child.

Stanton pleaded with anyone who saw him to call the police immediately so they could return him to his family. Stanton claimed that Pena is attracted to lights, railroads, and trains. She claimed he occasionally goes by the moniker Gooz or Booz.

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