Performing Autopsies on Deceased Animals Was Jenna Ortega Childhood Hobby

Performing Autopsies on Deceased Animals Was Jenna Ortega Childhood Hobby; she shared a childhood interest that will send many people into panic mode. The performer claimed that as a child, she enjoyed dissecting animals.

The Wednesday star remarked, “I feel like Maddie and I are the same person in different fonts,” in an interview with Wired’s Autocomplete. She is such an oddball, Ortega said.

She said, “And I’m a weirdo because when I was younger, I used to perform autopsies on little animals, like little lizards that I found that were dead in my backyard.

In an interview with Olivia Rodrigo for The Face, the 20-year-old also discussed her strange fascination with horrific material. Ziegler also spoke up about her unusual fascination with unpleasant things.


Jenna Ortega stated that there are some highly horrific images of her lying on the floor covered in blood while grinning widely. “I adore that thing since it is unreal.

Knock on wood; I haven’t been stabbed yet, so for me, which is so horrible to say, it’s still a fun thing I do at work. When the blood spills, I adore it. I enjoy shooting chase scenes because they are so much fun.

She continued, “I hope people can see the other side of scary movies. “We are giggling uncontrollably the entire time. In the most recent Scream, we worked on a scene with Ghostface, and there was a day when we couldn’t stop giggling as they performed their speech.

It isn’t that serious. It’s pretty tricky to frighten me. I didn’t flinch when people would jump out from behind door frames when I was a kid.


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