Pokemon Master Journeys Part 3 : Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!

What can fans expect from the third series of the Pokemon Master Journeys series? Waiting can be difficult in such a dynamic world where every turn brings the promise of further adventure. The following information on Part 3 of Pokemon Master Journeys should help to reduce the coming impatience.

Since Ash Ketchum ultimately won a Pokemon league in Alola after failing numerous times, Pokemon Journeys and, subsequently, Pokemon Master Journeys changed the basic series premise. Instead of participating in a league championship to identify the strongest Pokemon trainer in the world, Ash is competing in a tournament to find the strongest Pokemon trainer in one region.

The World Coronation Series pits Ash against other trainers of the same level in the same class for him to slowly rise the ranks in that class. By increasing his level, Ash will be able to enter more difficult classes, face more difficult opponents, and eventually compete in an elite tournament with the best of the best.

Ash travels with teenage trainer Goh on his journey to become the best. Goh, a character who has big dreams of his own, has been Ash’s best friend and co-protagonist for the whole series. So far, the two have helped each other many times. Part 3 has been put up to continue this relationship shortly.

Pokemon Master Journeys Part 3 Story

Fans can look forward to Ash and Goh’s return as they continue their journey together to help the Cerise Laboratory with its research at the same time as they work on their own goals. In Part 2, Ash officially became an Ultra Class player after defeating Iris and becoming the 99th player in the World Coronation Series, which made him the 99th player.

Because of this, he is one step closer to his goal of getting a rank 8 or higher, becoming a Master Class member, and taking part in a tournament to challenge the former World Champion Leon. Goh, on the other hand, was working hard to reach his main goal of catching every Pokémon by getting Absol, Galarian Stunfisk, and Galinks.

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If you want to reach your goal of catching the legendary Pokemon Mew, you have to join Project Mew. This project shares Goh’s desire to find this magical Pokemon. Part 3 will pick up right where Part 2 left off while continuing the season’s trend of going back to old friends and places along the way.

Pokemon Master Journeys New Cast Revealed

Hiro Shimono –

Hiro Shimono is a Japanese voice actor and singer who works with the production company I’m Enterprise. His best-known roles are Ayato Kamina in RahXephon, Akihisa Yoshii in Baka and Test, Haruka Kasugano in Yosuga no Sora, and a lot more.

Yui Ogura –

Yui Ogura is a Japanese voice actress and singer from the Gunma Prefecture, and she lives in Tokyo.

There will be two new casts in the show when the Pokemon masters’ journeys start. Pokemon Company announced this on their Twitter account on Thursday. Hiro Shimono will play Piers (Nezu), and Yui Ogura will play Marnie (Mary).

Pokemon Master Journeys Part 3 Cast
Pokemon Master Journeys Part 3 Cast

If we talk about the older cast, it includes Ash Ketchum played by Rika Matsumoto, Ikue Otani as Pikachu, Daiki Yamashita as Goh, and so on, as well. Those were just a few of the voice actors who worked with the casts of their shows. Pokemon have more than 100 characters, and each one has a specific job in the show.

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Pokemon Master Journeys Part 3 Is Coming

When Netflix announced plans to release Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series on their platform, it decided to do it in the same way as Pokemon Journeys: The Series. Rather than releasing single episodes every week or the complete season at once, Netflix chose to release episodes in small batches for several years.

To close the 19-episode gap, even more, Netflix will be releasing Part 3. Since Pokémon Master Journeys has at least 46 episodes, Netflix will be releasing Part 3.

Pokemon Master Journeys Part 3 Release Date

Netflix hasn’t confirmed a release date for Pokemon Master Journeys Part 3, but fans won’t have to wait long. Part 3 should be released in the middle or late spring, given Netflix’s plan to release a batch of episodes every three months and the four-month gap between the first two parts. Even though nobody likes to wait, Part 3 looks like it will be worth it.

Part 3 of Pokemon Master journeys will arrive on Netflix on May 26 this is expected we have given according to the tweet.


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