Police Charge Baraboo Man for Selling Heroin in Lake Delton


Sauk County: Authorities charged Trevor L. Kelley with alleged selling of heroin in Lake Delton and the man now faces more than 12 years imprisonment. Kelley is additionally fined up to $25,000 for allegedly selling heroin to a police informant.

Kelley, 27, was charged in Sauk County Circuit Court with felony manufacture. He is said to have apparently sold up to 3 grams of heroin as a repeater.

As per the criminal complaint, Kelly encountered an unnamed informant in May 2020 near McDonald’s in Lake Delton. A plan was pulled together by the police by forming an alliance between Det. Joseph Kellogg of the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office and members of the Sauk County Drug Task Force – allowing the informant to buy $150 in illegal drugs. The team wore a recording device during the stint.

The informant met Kelley in a vehicle and have said to have arranged the meeting with the drug peddler over the phone.

The informant, who left the car after speaking to Kelley, carried a pouch weighing 1 gram with him. The pouch had a brownish, grainy substance, which was later identified as heroin. The officers had however searched the informant before the meeting.

Kelley’s initial appearance is scheduled in court on October 20.


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