Police In Salt Lake City Catch A Man They Say Shot Another Man In The Stomach

SALT KEY CITY — Police in Salt Lake City detained a man early on Friday morning on suspicion of shooting another man in the stomach, critically wounding him. After the shooting at the Gateway Inn, 819 W. North Temple, was reported at 1:12 a.m., the investigation got underway. Officers discovered the 42-year-old guy bleeding from his stomach and “immediately offered first aid,” according to a statement from Salt Lake City police.

The man was injured in his arm, kidney, and colon when he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. A police booking affidavit states that Salt Lake City officers halted vehicles leaving the scene right away until they could learn more about the alleged gunman. Detectives learned one of the guys whom officers had stopped matched the description of the shooter after gathering security footage of the incident.

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“The victim and the shooter can be seen fighting physically in the video. In the second story, the victim and the shooter appear to be in a brief “standoff” before the shooter goes for his shoulder bag and extends an arm toward the victim. The victim immediately collapses, puts his hands on his stomach, and flees down the stairs “Affidavit says this. 42-year-old Anthony Griffin was arrested. According to the complaint, when officers examined his suitcase they discovered a stolen gun, a “big quantity” of cocaine, and a “substantial amount” of cash.

Griffin was detained and lodged in the Salt Lake County Jail following an investigation into a possible illegal firearm discharge, a potentially dangerous weapon possession by a prohibited person, and a potential distribution of a controlled narcotic, according to police. According to the affidavit, authorities discovered Griffin’s previous convictions for unspecified offenses in Georgia and Louisiana during a criminal background investigation. From May through July, Salt Lake police used the area around Gateway Inn as a “priority area for proactive policing actions,” and during that time, they made 24 felony arrests, according to the statement.

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