Police Reported 1 Dead And 6 Injured In A Shooting At A Halloween Party In Kansas City

At a Halloween party held in residence in Kansas City, Kansas, on Monday night, a shooting left one person dead and up to six others wounded, according to authorities.

According to reports affiliate KMBC, Kansas City Police Chief Karl Oakman stated during a press conference that at least one person opened fire after a group of unwelcome guests were ordered to leave home where up to 100 high school-aged children were assembled.

According to Oakman, the suspects were driving a dark or grey SUV. No one was taken into custody Monday night.

The shooting was yet another illustration of how frequently gun violence disrupts American life in settings that are typically regarded as safe, including schools, stores, hospitals, and even funerals. In Chicago on Monday night, at a busy intersection where people had gathered for a vigil, at least 13 people were shot, according to police.

The police chief in Kansas City expressed his anger about the violence, calling the shooting frightening and unacceptable.

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“This behaviour in the neighbourhood must end. There are way too many weapons around. “This was a party for teenagers,” Oakman remarked. Everyone now owns a firearm. We must be more intelligent than this.

According to the chief, the unwelcome guests were requested to leave soon after 9 p.m., at which point the gunfire was reported. According to Oakman, at least one group member started shooting into the partygoers.

They were asked to leave by the homeowners. He claimed they began shooting randomly inside the house as soon as they went.

According to Oakman, at least two injured were in critical condition.

The party’s details had been publicised on social media, and he underlined that it was “invite-only.”

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