Protesters Pour Black Liquid on Klimt Painting in Vienna

Here we are talking about Protesters pour black liquid on  Klimt painting in Vienna, a famous Gustav Klimt painting was attacked by climate activists in Austria on Tuesday with a black, greasy liquid, and one of them afterwards stuck himself to the glass guarding the picture’s frame.

To draw attention to their government’s usage of fossil fuels, members of the Last Generation Austria organization tweeted that they had targeted the 1915 work Death and Life at the Leopold Museum in Vienna.

One activist was forced away by a museum security guard after spraying the picture, which wasn’t harmed, while another adhered his hand to the glass covering the painting’s frame.

The group defended the demonstration by calling “oil and gas extraction” “a death sentence to civilization” in a tweet.

One of the activists can be heard saying, “We have known about the crisis for 50 years — we must finally act, or the earth will be broken,” in a video of the event that the organization shared online.

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“Stop destroying fossil fuels. We are swiftly approaching climate hell, “He continued. When police arrived at the museum following the assault, the black liquid was immediately washed off the glass enclosing the picture, according to Austria Press Agency.

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The paintings are unharmed

According to the news agency, the activists could smuggle the liquid inside the museum despite strict security measures at the entry by concealing it in a hot water bottle under their clothing.

The damage to the glass and security framing and the wall and floor was “obvious and severe,” according to the museum’s restoration experts, who later stated that the painting had not been touched.

The Leopold Museum’s director, Hans-Peter Wipplinger, told APA that while the climate activists’ worries were legitimate, “attacking pieces of art is the incorrect method to execute the targeted goal of preventing the expected climate catastrophe,” He urged the group to devise alternative means to voice their objections.

Protesters Pour Black Liquid on Klimt Painting in Vienna

Objections to the Protest Form

The culture minister of Austria acknowledged the campaigners’ “concerns and despair,” but she criticized their method of protest. Protesters Pour Black Liquid on Klimt Painting in Vienna.

Because it is debatable if such acts not instead result in increased ignorance of climate catastrophe rather than increased knowledge of it, Andrea Mayer said, “I do not believe that such actions are purposeful.

The minister continued, “From my perspective, taking the danger of irreparable destruction to art pieces is the wrong way to proceed. “Art and culture are friends, not foes, in the struggle against the climate crisis.”

The Klimt piece is an oil on canvas painting in the Art Nouveau style that features a group of hugging, partially naked people on the right side and death on the left.

It’s one of the most recent works of art that climate activists have targeted to raise awareness of global warming.

In recent months, various activist groups have protested, blocking roadways and even hurling mashed potatoes at a Claude Monet painting in Germany. Protesters Pour Black Liquid on Klimt Painting in Vienna.

Last month, the British group Just Stop Oil splashed tomato soup at Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers at the National Gallery in London.


The frames of an early replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and John Constable’s The Hay Wain at the National Gallery were also covered in adhesive by Just Stop Oil protesters. Protesters Pour Black Liquid on Klimt Painting in Vienna.

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