Psychic Princess Season 2: The Show Is Confirmed Or Canceled?

Psychic Princess” or “Tong Ling Fei,” an immensely successful Chinese animated romance series based on a manhua series written and created by Rou Rou (), is based on a Chinese manhua serial. The Prime Minister’s eldest daughter, Qian Yun Xi, is the focus of the plot, and her family has long been suspicious of her psychic skills. Mt. Ling Yun was her parents’ choice for a home when she was 8 years old.

In the absence of the suffocating norms imposed on noblewomen, she develops a childlike personality and an adventurous spirit. But when she replaces her younger sister as the wife of Prince Ye Youming, her life takes an unexpected turn. As the book unfolds, Prince Ye begins to fall in love with her, despite the animosity between the two of them stemming from their shared bloodline. Critics and viewers alike have given the first season of ‘Psychic Princess’ an enthusiastic reception. Social media is a popular place for fans of the show to speculate about the release date of season 2. All the information we’ve gleaned so far is included here.

Psychic Princess Season 2 Plotline

Qian Yun Xi’s younger sister, Qian Yunshang, summons a Taoist master to expel the Qing You Pavilion’s demons in the season one finale. One of Qian Yun Xi’s maids has also been ordered to be apprehended and accosted by her maids. The arrival of Qian Yun Xi’s spirit partner Sesame Seed is confirmed. At this point, he attacks Qian Yunshang’s maid and tries to rape her. When the Taoist master steps in, Sesame Seed is on the verge of extinction.

Because she witnesses what the Taoist master has done to Sesame Seed, Qian Yun Xi decides to nullify all of the master’s magical effects. Taoist master asks her to be his disciple since he is impressed with them. When Prince Ye shows up there, he threatens the Taoist teacher, claiming that Qian Yun Xi belongs to him and no one else. A hooded individual is shown learning about the thumb ring as Prince Ye walks into the Qing You Pavilion.

Perhaps in season 2, we’ll learn who the cloaked figure is. He could be the main antagonist in the story. Perhaps Qian Yun Xi and Prince Ye will become even closer. The story might also focus on the rest of the royal family.

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Psychic Princess Anime Characters:

  • Yan Zi Dong as Ye Youming
  • Huang Ri Ying as Qian Yunxi
  • Ji Xiang Ning as Yu Zimo
  • Zhang Lin Ran as Nan Qingwan
  • Yang Yu Lan as Madame Qian
  • Tong Yi Xuan as Qian Yunchang
  • Hao Ze Jia as Concubine

Psychic Princess Qian Yunxi’s husband is Ye You Ming However, it’s eventually found that our prince charming has more to offer than just being harsh and wicked. For him, the princess’ reasons have never been entirely clear.

He’s the spirit who has been accompanying Qian Yunxi since he first climbed Mt. Lin Yun.
Squash: his character is shaky at best. Sesame Seed Yun Xi’s ghost, first and foremost, is what everyone refers to him as. As a result, he develops a close friendship with Yun Xi. While there are many more personalities to meet, we recommend that you do so on your own so that you can get a better sense of who everyone is.

psychic princess season 2
psychic princess season 2

Season 2 Trailer for Psychic Princess

It’s possible that a trailer for the second season of the show may be released soon, but nothing has been revealed by the production company or the creators yet. Let us know what you think of Psychic Princess 2 by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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