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Rally held to support recently attacked ‘Minneola Superhero’

Rally held to support recently attacked ‘Minneola Superhero’

MINNEOLA, Fla. – Drivers traveling down U.S. 27 in Minneola Sunday afternoon heard a lot of noise—but it wasn’t from traffic; instead it was from a rally for a local 19-year-old “superhero.”

Rae Pitt, who is deaf and autistic, is known in the area as “Minneola Superhero” because he dresses as Superman and waves at residents and cars passing by.

Tyler McCorvey, accused of beating up Pitt, was arrested Thursday, prompting Gloria Isom and Tamara McLanahan to organize a rally in support of their local hero.

“Rae brightens their day,” said McLanahan.

Sunday’s rally looked more like a celebrity meet-and-greet, with dozens of people lined up to take selfies with Pitt.

“It puts a smile on my face,” said Isom.

Pitt explained to deputies on paper that McCorvey, 26, approached him, punched him in the chest and slammed his head against a car.

“It hurt. It really hurt. Because he doesn’t bother anybody,” said Isom.

The beating didn’t stop Pitt. The man of steel went right back to his spot at the corner of U.S. 27 and Washington Street.

“We’re not going to allow people like that to rule,” said McLanahan.

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