Record Of Ragnarok Season 2: Will It Ever Return on Netflix?

Although it hasn’t been accessible on Netflix for a time, “Record of Ragnarok”, is already proving to have been a great success. The first season of “Record of Ragnarok” was published on Netflix on June 17. Some fans have already watched the series and are waiting for further information about the Record of Ragnarok Season 2.

In this fantasy-action series, a very high-concept idea is turned into an old-school fighting competition. The gods of the “Record of Ragnarok” universe assemble every 1,000 years to decide the destiny of humanity. This time, though, they declare that humanity is not redeemable and must be eliminated.

In response to Valkyrie Brunhilde’s prayer, the gods give humanity one more opportunity. If 13 historical characters can beat 13 of the universe’s most powerful deities, they will be granted immortality. To balance the playing field, the humans have a Valkyrie at their disposal, which they can turn into an extremely effective weapon.

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Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Storyline

“Record of Ragnarok” was the first season. We watched tremendous confrontations between 13 historical humans and the gods named here to determine the fate of humanity.

Things didn’t look so well for people until Kojiro Sski steps in at round three.

Thor overcame Lu Bu, a warlord and military general, in the opening round.

Adam was vanquished by Zeus, the monarch among gods, in the second round.

After beating Poseidon, the god of the ocean, and Kojiro Saski, the Japanese swordsman, humanity was able to see a light of hope in the third round.

The beginning of the second season will take place in the fourth combat round. This round will see the god Hercules square up with Jack the Ripper, one of the most notorious serial killers in human history.

Sumo wrestler Raiden Takemon of Japan and Shiva, the third member of the Hindu Trinity, square off in the fifth round. In round 6, Buddha and God Of Misfortune Zerofuku follow.

Masao Okubo, director of Anitrendz, revealed that he makes sure the animation doesn’t depart from the original manga in an interview.

The director noted, “I had always had those who had never read the manga in me when I composed the anime.”

“I made sure that anime did not depart from the source manga. Also, I took sure to just include the stuff I was most thrilled about when reading the manga, and I left the rest. “ Because of this, I made an effort to keep the anime as close to the manga as possible.

The director went on to say that the plot, storyboard, character settings, and other specifics should be double-checked by the original creators. They also allow them to make modest adjustments to the script, including the conversations, in order to conform to the episodic format. Because the writers recognized the differences between manga and anime in how they depicted the same events, he was able to execute pretty much everything that he desired.

Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Casts And Characters

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Casts
Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Casts

Kellen Goff

Kellen Goff is a voice actor from the United States. Since his early days in the industry, he has done voice work for everything from video games to anime to television spots.

Miyuki Sawashiro

Miyuki Sawashiro is a Japanese actress, voice actress, and narrator. She has had voice roles in a variety of Japanese anime including Bishamon in Noragami, Masami Iwasawa in Angel Beats, Petit Charat/Puchiko in Di Gi Charat, Mint in Galaxy Angel, Sinon in Sword Art Online II, Twilight/Towa Akagi/Cure Scarlet in Go!


Brunhild, Brunhilda, and Brynhild are all names given to Brunhild, a legendary Germanic heroine. She may have her origins in the Visigothic princess Brunhilda of Austrasia.

Other Casts: Chris Edgerly, Reba Buhr, Ben Pronsky

Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Release Date

The anime is expected to return in 2022, however, a specific date has not been announced.  Netflix will debut its first season of anime on June 20, 2021. Once the official release date has been set, we will update this area.

Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Trailer


“Record of Ragnarok” isn’t likely to return for nearly a year, but until then, viewers may revisit the first season as much as they want on Netflix. What’s more, they can hypothesize about all the gods and mortals that have not yet been matched up to battle in the ring.

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