Two People Died In A Horrific Accident In Redwood City And The Road Was Blocked Overnight

REDWOOD CITY: El Camino Real was closed in Redwood City late Friday night after a fatal crash between two cars.

A spokesperson for the Redwood City police said late Friday night that two people died in the accident, which happened near El Camino Real and Finger Avenue.

The accident happened around 7:56 p.m., according to the police. Friday.

When officers got there, they saw two badly damaged cars on the west sidewalk of El Camino Real and one car that was on fire.

A witness told KPIX that he saw what looked like two cars racing and that those drivers hit another car that pulled out into the intersection.

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Officers put out the fire with fire extinguishers from their patrol cars. This vehicle was found with a 17-year-old driver and two other people inside. The driver and both passengers were taken to the hospital with injuries that did not put their lives in danger.

Officers found the other car, where the driver and front passenger, both adults, were stuck. Both were later proven to be dead.

Around 5:15 a.m. on Saturday, police got a report that someone had broken into a house. The road was now open again.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Investigations Unit of the Redwood City Police Department at (650) 780-7111.

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