Residents of Lake County Inspect Ian’s Flood Damage

Dangerous water levels continue to exist in Lake County‘s Astor hamlet, which is located directly on the St. Johns River. Ten families actually had to look for other housing. According to Katie Streit of Spectrum News 13, the locals are unsure of how to interpret the flooding. Storms in Florida are nothing new to Kim Blair.

According to Blair, “The remainder of this is normally the yard.” The third time that Kim’s property has flooded. Astor last saw water over four feet deep during Hurricane Irma. “Irma Before we had the water moving out, it was probably six weeks. I’m hoping this time it’ll go quicker,” she remarked.

Recent News:

Kim is not alone; Ian’s effects are being felt throughout the entire neighborhood. First responders in Lake County have set up a single command to oversee and control the flooding, which they predict will get worse over the next few days.

“The fish kill is one of the major issues. It picks up all the acid when the water spreads out into the yards and the first, she said. We had hundreds of dead fish in the yard during Hurricane Irma last time. It’s difficult to forget this sight and this smell. Kim, though, is optimistic because she knows their community will prevail.

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