Rhythm + Flow Season 2 The Show is Officially Renewed For Next Season!


A lot of people are enjoying Rhythm + Flow on Netflix. The 2019 season premiere of the show, which is essentially a hip-hop talent competition, was met with widespread acclaim from viewers and reviewers thanks to the show’s authenticity, charismatic hosts, and high-caliber candidates.

As soon as it ended, fans began anticipating the next season. I’m curious as to the release date for Season 2 of Rhythm + Flow. Information on the show’s future, such as a probable release window, panel details, and more, can be found here.

What is “Rhythm + Flow”?

The competition series known as Rhythm + Flow is on the lookout for the most exciting up-and-coming hip-hop talent in the country. It has been compared to popular television programs like “American Idol” and “The Voice.” However, in contrast to those programs, the hosts of this one make the decision to eliminate contestants rather than relying on public votes to do so.

The ten episodes of the series feature occasional guest hosts, who are involved in the decision-making process. Guests including Snoop Dogg, Quavo, and Teyana Taylor hosted episodes during the first season and the most recent one, both of which started broadcasting at the beginning of October and concluded later that same month. At the conclusion of the competition, the victor is not awarded a recording contract but rather a prize of $250,000. They are at liberty to spend the money in any manner that they see fit.

The first season’s competition was won by an artist from California named D Smoke. D Smoke, who has a background in teaching Spanish and music theory, stunned the panel of judges with his lyrical prowess and his ability to incorporate a wide range of sounds and influences into his song without any noticeable gaps. Kendrick Lamar, who is signed to the same label as D Smoke’s brother, Sir, has been mentioned as a possible comparison for him.

D Smoke came out on top, beating out the other two finalists, Londyn B and Troyman, respectively. In October, he revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he intended to put some of his winnings into investments and set some aside for a “rainy day.”

Rhythm + Flow Season 2 Current Status

In March 2020, auditions started for Season 2 of Rhythm + Flow. All of the hosts tweeted out calls for musicians to register for the next season of Rhythm + Flow. A resounding “yes, we need to have you on S2!” It was somewhat explained in a tweet by T.I. According to the website’s announcement, application submissions have ended. The chosen competitors are kept under wraps until the show airs.

The show is expected to return in 2021, as was previously reported by Complex. We don’t know how the crew was able to keep recording as the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic spread. However, according to USA Today, shows like American Idol were able to sidestep COVID regulations by doing online tryouts.

Rhythm + Flow Season 2 Premiere Date?

Complex reports that the second season of Rhythm and Flow will premiere in 2021. The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, however, may cause delays.

Several popular shows and films, like the Power series, Soul, and Candyman, have had to stop production since early 2020 due to the pandemic. True, numerous movies are back in production following the implementation of COVID regulations. Given the show’s format—which requires full studio audiences—impossible it’s to conceive that it won’t face delays as long as infection rates continue to rise.

The release of additional data is required at this time. Meanwhile, the first season of Rhythm + Flow is already available to watch online.

Rhythm + Flow Season 2 Premiere Date
Rhythm + Flow Season 2 Premiere Date


The Cast of Rhythm+Flow

As far as we know, Rhythm + Flow is the first music competition show created specifically for Netflix. Unlike broadcast television, the streaming service does not have censorship laws, thus rivals were encouraged to leave obscenities in their songs. The winner receives US$250,000 in cash rather than a recording deal as in most music competitions.

The show’s judging panel included Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I., three well-known figures in the music industry. On a few occasions, they are joined by special guests who provide even more critiques of the contestants. The inaugural season’s champion, D Smoke, went on to become a successful recording artist and rapper. D Smoke’s first album, titled Black Habits, was released in 2020 after he was declared the victor.

Sam Wrench serves as director, and Gaspin Media, Get Lifted Film Company, and Jesse Collins Entertainment serve as producers of the reality show. Producers have not revealed any plans to alter the show’s structure or cast.

Rhythm + Flow Season 2 Trailer

There is not yet a trailer available for the second season of Rhythm + Flow on Netflix. It ought to be available within the following several months. In the meantime, you can view a still from the first season below.

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