Rick Ness Girlfriend: What About His Relationship Status?

As the star of the American reality series Gold Rush, actor Rick Ness sees Leese Marie after divorcing his ex-wife Jen.

Even before Rick joined Parker Schabel’s Gold Rush team in 2012, everyone knew he had the charisma to thrive independently.

In Season 9 of Gold Rush, Rick founded his mining company and hasn’t looked back since. However, there is much more to learn about the reality star. We’ll be delving deeper into the actor’s personal life in the coming weeks, and one of those details will be whether or not he’s married. Now is a good time to begin started.

Rick Ness Girlfriend: Who Is Leese Marie? 

Recently, there have been Internet speculations about Rick Ness’ boyfriend, the Gold Rush actor. Rick’s co-star Karla Ann Charlton informed him of the claims. On Rick’s crew, she served as a gold room operator and survivalist expert.

In a public statement, Rick Ness confirmed his connection with Leese Marie, debunking many fan rumours. Ness has always kept a low profile when it comes to his private life, and he and Marie recently came under fire for their appearance on the internet. Although the situation was difficult, the couple handled it well and did not “feed the troll.”

There are conflicting reports about the identity of the ex-wife of Rick Ness’ twin brother, Randy Ness, Jen Ness, according to various media outlets.

It’s unclear how old Leese Marie appears to be; she could be in her late 30s or early 40s, but there’s no other information available. The 25th of October is the date given by a few sources as her actual birthday. In spite of this, it cannot be proven. On Rick’s Facebook page in April, Gold Rush Season 12 will feature Marie.

In August, Rick thanked Marie on Facebook for joining him in the Yukon. Using a picture of the two of them, he added, “This mining season in the Yukon is the best by far because of this girl right here.”

Some fans believe that Marie, like Rick Ness, is a native of Milwaukee, yet neither her birthplace nor nationality has been revealed.

As of October 9, Rick had completed sluicing the Yukon site and was ready to return to Leese Marie. She returned to their home around a month ago. Leese Marie is a Milwaukee resident, which suggests that the couple may have just moved in together.

Ruby, Ness’ puppy, was photographed in front of an off-road buggy in July. They obviously go off-roading quite a lot, as Rick has previously shared photos of his off-roading adventures on Facebook.

Leese Marie is even more reclusive than Rick, as she doesn’t appear to be on any public social media platforms.

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