Rocket League Season 7

Rocket League Season 7: How Many Seasons Are There ?

Season 7 of Rocket League, promises to lend a touch of luxury to players’ garages with a brand new Rocket Pass. The new season will also include new tournament rewards, a makeover to arenas with the new Utopia Coliseum variant, and some new features arriving later in the season.

If, like us, you’re ready to jump into the upcoming season of Rocket League, here’s the official release date, start time, and details on the new Rocket Pass. We are only a few days away from the start of Rocket League’s glamorous Season 7. Before we all strike a pose in the Gilded variant of Utopia Coliseum, we want to share some details on changes coming to Custom Training on June 14 alongside the game update.

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Rocket League Season 7 Release Date

Rocket League Season 7 will be released on Wednesday, June 15th, 2022, according to the official release date. The new season will begin at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM BST following the release of a new patch. Prior to the start of Season 7, there will be no server downtime, but Rocket League players will need to download a new patch in order to play. The developers recently confirmed that the Season 7 patch will be deployed on June 14th at 4 PM PT.

Training Pack Progression

Rocket League
Rocket League

Changes to the navigation and progression options in training packs will be implemented in Season 7. Choose Your Own Adventure: Completing shots in a precise order is no longer necessary to progress through packs. A pack is designed so that you can do whatever you want with it, including jumping from shot to shot. Is the third shot causing you any difficulties? Go for the fourth shot now and come back later to finish the round. We’ll go into detail about this later.

What a Surprisingly Successful Save! As a result, you’ll be able to practice as many shots and packs as you like without losing any progress you’ve made. Keep going without having to start over from scratch each time you want to take a break. The Reset Button: Have you finished a pack and want to start over? That’s OK. If you’ve already completed a training pack, you can pause it and restart it from the beginning.

Shot Navigation And Shot Mirroring

In response to player feedback (particularly on PC), we’re making a number of modifications to Rocket League’s shot navigation. Below the progress bar, you’ll find controls for all of the items listed below. You no longer have to complete a training pack’s shots in a precise order to move on to the next or previous shot.

In order to choose which shot to practice, simply tap and hold on to the screen to bring up a new drop-down option. Shuffle Shots: Looking to spice things up a bit? Press the Shuffle Shots button to create a completely random shot sequence.

It is possible to reflect a shot to the opposite side of an arena by pressing a single button on the controller. It’s never been easier to improve your weak side strikes and saves than it is now. All Custom Training Arenas can be mirrored. In the future, new Arenas may not always have the same shape and size as the current ones.

Menu And Interface Changes

A new tab labeled “History” has been included in the Custom Training menu, and it can now be found just to the right of the “Created” option. Since we have had the capability for the History tab set on in the background for some time now, the most recent training pack history should be supplied as soon as your game client is updated. This should take place automatically. You also have the option of including any packs found under the History tab on your Favorites list.

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