Selling Sunset Season 6: Will There Be A Season 6?

Selling Sunset has been a must-see for reality TV viewers since its premiere in 2019. Season 5’s debut on Netflix in April 2022 proved it, with the show debuting at the top of the top 10 the day it was released, to little surprise. In order to answer all of the questions left unanswered by the season 5 conclusion, we’ll receive an extra episode: May 6th marks the premiere of a reunion special.

After the reunion, what’s the next step for the reality show? What we do know about a possible sixth season of Selling Sunset is summarised here! Sunset and Love Are Blind have spearheaded Netflix’s current reality show boom, so it’s no surprise that the show is receiving more seasons. It’s possible that the streamer witnessed the enthusiastic response from fans and asked, “More, please.”

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Selling Sunset Season 6 Storyline

It’s good to know that the romance between Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell will be explored in the upcoming film. For the first time, she told Cosmopolitan UK, she and her new companion had become best friends.

“We are each other’s confidantes and know everything about one another. We’re a bunch of pranksters who enjoy a good chuckle. What a relief it is not to have to pretend to be your best self. Being friends with someone before anything else is my recommendation; I’ve never done it before and it’s an experience unlike any other.”

Due to their divergent views on having children, the two split up in December 2021, but fans are eager to see how that plays out on television. Instagram content has been used to populate this page. On their website, you may be able to access the same content in a different format or extra information.

There will also be a trip to Greece for some of the cast, which is where Chrishell and Jason made their romance public during their time there. Christine Quinn, on the other hand, has made it clear that she expects to be a part of every episode.

Due to her absence from promotional photographs with the rest of the cast, one fan inquired as to whether she was still a member of Selling Sunset, and she replied, “I’m so weary of addressing this,” writing on her Facebook page. “Season 4 and 5 of Selling Sunset feature me in every single episode.

The girls never include me in their pictures. “I have a lot more important things to do than constantly establish that I’m recording a television show on my phone.” “I’ll be there for you all.”

Selling Sunset Season 6 Casts And Characters

Selling Sunset Season 6 Casts
Selling Sunset Season 6 Casts

Chrishell Stause

In the United States, Terrina Chrishell Stause is an actress. She is most recognized for her role as Amanda Dillon on All My Children and Jordan Ridgeway on Days of Our Lives in the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset.

Jason Oppenheim

Jason Oppenheim is an American real estate broker, attorney, and reality TV star. He is the president and founder of The Oppenheim Group, a real estate agency for buyers and sellers of luxury properties in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Vanessa Villela

Vanessa Villela is a Mexican American actress turned real estate agent, who played in Mexican TV shows Romántica obsesión, Ellas, inocentes o culpables, Súbete a mi moto, Un nuevo amor, El cuerpo del deseo, Decisiones, Amores de mercado. On October 2, 2017, Villela stated that she had become an American citizen

Other Casts: Christine Quinn, Heather Rae El Moussa, Amanza Smith

Selling Sunset Season 6 Release Date

There isn’t a trailer or a release date for Selling Sunset season 6 yet, sadly, as it has not yet been revealed. Seasons 2 and 3, and seasons 4 and 5, were filmed back to back, meaning there was almost a year gap between them. Season 6 is unlikely to debut before the summer of 2023, based on this information.

Selling Sunset Season 6 Trailer

There isn’t any video to use for a trailer yet because filming hasn’t started yet. However, we will update this page as soon as new material becomes available.


However, Jason makes the agonizing decision not to have children, leaving Chrishell single once more. This is a difficult question to answer correctly. For the simple reason that Chrishell seemed like he was truly happy and content this time. As she tells Emma, her eyes flood up with tears. Chrishell must restore his strength. She wants to create a family, but she’s 40 years old.

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