Sesame Street Controversy 2022

Following allegations of racism, Sesame Place Philadelphia, a theme park based on the popular children’s show Sesame Street, has released two statements of regret. A television figure named Rosita is shown neglecting two Black girls during a parade in a video that was posted online over the weekend. Both of the girls are sporting bags with Abby Cadabby and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

When Rosita passed the kids, she nodded to the other guests while shaking her head and appearing to indicate “no.” The girls were delighted to meet Rosita. The stunning grownup who was with the two girls posted the video on Instagram and explained what had transpired in the description.

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The caption reads, “I’m going to keep posting this because this had me hot.” “The kids wanted to stop and visit the characters as we were leaving Sesame Place. This HORRIBLE individual told our kids outright NO before going to hug the little white girl standing next to us! I went to complain about it, and when I did, they looked at me like I was insane.

When I inquired about the character and requested to speak with a supervisor, the woman responded that SHE DID NOT KNOW! Never again will I set foot inside @sesameplace! Also, feel free to republish this. I actually demanded a refund and was so enraged by his brazen refusal that I stopped the video.


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Social media exploded with the video, with many blaming Sesame Place for racism. Others who visited the park had similar experiences. Following the outrage, Sesame Place responded to the matter on their Instagram page. The statement read: “The performer who plays the role of Rosita has confirmed that the ‘no’ hand gesture seen repeatedly in the video was not directed to any specific person, instead it was a response to numerous requests from someone in the large group who asked Rosita to grab their child for a photo, which is not allowed. “The Rosita performer is heartbroken over the misunderstanding. He did not purposefully disregard the females.”

Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child responded to the remarks, writing, “Those magnificent females will never forget that experience! THEY ARE CHILDREN! Your sad statement should make you ashamed of yourself! Sesame Place posted a new statement on Monday after receiving numerous comments that agreed the original one was inadequate.

The second statement added, “We deeply regret to the family for their experience in our park on Saturday; we recognize that it’s not ok.” “We are taking steps to improve. We’re determined to make things right. We will train our staff members to better understand, recognize, and provide our visitors with a welcoming, equitable, and enjoyable experience.

One of only two parks completely dedicated to the children’s show Sesame Street, which has been broadcast since 1969, is Sesame Place Philadelphia. San Diego, California is home to the second Sesame Place park.

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