Some Users Have Seen A Partial Restoration Of WhatsApp Services

On Tuesday, WhatsApp was unavailable for roughly two hours in a number of nations around the world. Meta employees worked through the night to locate and fix the problem.

Around 2.10 a.m. Pacific Time, WhatsApp resumed operations, bringing relief to the billions of users and businesses who depend on the instant messaging and telephony programme owned by Meta.

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WhatsApp said that the problem had been resolved but declined to say what caused the outage. “We are aware that WhatsApp message sending was problematic today. We repaired the problem and are sorry for the trouble,” a Meta representative said.

Global users began to voice their complaints earlier in the day, claiming they were unable to send or receive new messages, sign up for WhatsApp, update their profile information, or change their privacy settings.

Tens of thousands of users reported the outage to DownDetector, a web application that monitors service performance, when WhatsApp was unavailable. Another well-known tracking service for WhatsApp, WaBetaInfo, claimed that the problem was “server-side,” indicating that users were powerless to fix it.

A Meta representative previously told TechCrunch that the company was striving to “immediately restore WhatsApp for everyone.”

Government officials, telecom service providers, and, of course, billions of individuals use WhatsApp, which has evolved into a crucial component of infrastructure in many regions. By 2020, the service was being used to send more than 100 billion messages every day, a record-breaking number in the sector.

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As of the beginning of 2016, 60 billion messages per day were sent using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp combined. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, stated in May 2020 that iMessage and FaceTime were experiencing record usage, but he did not provide any numbers. When Apple shared the data the prior time, it lagged well behind WhatsApp usage at the time (podcast). WeChat, which has more than 1 billion users overall, is also falling behind in terms of daily message volume.

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