Suspected Killer Of 9-Months-Pregnant Florida Woman Is Unborn’s Child Dad


Reginald Perry Jr., a 19-year-old man accused of murdering a 21-year-old pregnant woman who was found dead in a Florida park late last month, handed himself over to the police. The woman was two weeks away from her due date.

Perry Jr. was arrested last Thursday for fatally shooting Felicia Jones and her unborn child, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office announced in a statement posted to Facebook.

Suspect Hands Himself Over To Police

Perry Jr. turned in front of police after an arrest warrant was issued against him following his identification by the detectives as a possible suspect in the murder case. He is charged with two counts of murder, police said in the statement cited by on Wednesday.

Jones’ body was found by a passerby in Jacksonville’s Riverview Park near a dock in the early morning of Sept. 25, authorities say. The person dialed 911 and officials responding to the call pronounced the woman dead. Later, an autopsy was conducted and it was determined that the young woman had been fatally shot and was pregnant when she died.

The deceased woman’s mother claimed that Perry Jr. was the father of her daughter’s unborn child. However, it is still unknown whether the accused filed any counter plea against the claim.

Crime scene
Representational image of a crime scene. Credit:

Victim’s Family Set Up GoFundMe Page

A GoFundMe page created by Jones’ family states that the young woman died just two weeks before her due date. She had even named her unborn son Ma’kailand.

“Our family took a major loss we lost my niece and nephew,” Jones’s family wrote on the page. “This is an unexpected tragedy for our family and can’t believe we lost Felicia and her unborn child.”

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