T-Mobile Started Selling Its App Usage Data To Advertisers

The German telecom corporation Deutsche Telekom AG’s mobile communications subsidiaries in the Czech Republic (T-Mobile Czech Republic), Poland (T-Mobile Polska), the United States (T-Mobile US), and the previous subsidiary in the Netherlands all operate under the name T-Mobile (T-Mobile Netherlands). The T-Mobile name was previously employed by subsidiaries in several other nations, including Austria (now Magenta), Croatia (now Hrvatski Telekom), Germany (now Deutsche Telekom), Hungary (now Magyar Telekom), Montenegro (now Crnogorski Telekom), North Macedonia (now Makedonski Telekom), Romania (now Telekom România), Slovakia (now Slovak Telekom), and the United Kingdom. The T-Mobile brand was first introduced in 1996. (now EE Limited).

Deutsche Telekom has held T-Mobile International AG, the holding company for its mobile communications businesses, since 1999. T-Mobile International was a service offered by Deutsche Telekom from 2003 to 2007 along with “Broadband/Fixnet,” “Business Customers,” and “Group HQ and Shared Services.” Deutsche Telekom changed its organizational design to a regional one in 2009. (Germany, Europe, US). T-Mobile International itself was incorporated into Deutsche Telekom AG by integrating its previously divided fixed and mobile operations to create integrated local businesses.

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T-Mobile’s Creepy New App Insights Program

After speaking with Jess Zhu, T-head Mobile’s of marketing products and development, Ad Exchanger was the first to report on the program’s formal launch. App Insights is essentially a brand-new app-based platform designed that “allows advertisers to analyze, segment and target T-Mobile cellular users based on the apps they have loaded on their mobile and their engagement habits.”

This includes information about when users open a browser, the Wi-Fi networks they join, and the websites they view. Following that, the data is pooled and integrated with additional analytics to produce “personas,” also known as cohorts. Following that, advertisers can buy this data and use it to target specific individuals with adverts.

However, Zhu was keen to point out that T-Mobile has strict policies against gathering any kind of user data on iOS users while speaking with Ad Exchanger. Although T-Mobile could potentially acquire data from consumers who consent to track, it doesn’t think that would be worth the risk at this time because Apple has tight privacy restrictions (via The Verge).

T-Mobile is losing out on advertising money by not tracking iOS customers, according to Zhu, but one factor to take into account is that the information would be of lesser quality than that obtained from Android devices because of Apple’s stringent regulations.

T-Mobile is “kicking the tires” on integrating iOS data into the App Insights program, according to Mike Peralta, general manager of the company’s new “Advertising Solutions” business. However, for the time being, the emphasis is on the data gathered from Android devices and using that data to draw conclusions about iOS users.

So, iPhone owners are protected from T-unsettling Mobile’s new App Insights program for the time being. Even though it’s completely possible that this may change in the future, it at least appears like Apple innovations like App Track Visibility will make it far more difficult for T-Mobile to obtain any useful data. To out of the new App Insight program, iPhone users can download T-“Magenta Mobile’s Marketing Platform Choices” app from the Play Store.

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