Taylor Swift Joins Haim And Surprise Fans With Her Performance in London

Tonight, Taylor Swift performed with HAIM in London (July 21). At London’s O2 Arena, Taylor Swift stunned fans by appearing on stage with her HAIM sisters to perform Swift’s song, “Love Story,” as well as their collaborative piece “Gasoline,” a mashup. Following her arrival in the band, Taylor Swift said, “I haven’t been on stage in a very long time. …it’s good to be back…good to be back, it’s great to see Taylor swift joins haim.

When I learned that my girls were playing at the O2 in London, I decided that I had to go and witness it. It appears that roughly 20,000 other people have the same opinion.” As a result, we had an idea. There is a possibility that we could get you to sing the loudest you have all night, which is an enormous task given that you have already been singing quite loudly throughout the night – truly remarkable effort.” It is really surprising to see Taylor swift joins haim over there.

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In 2015, HAIM opened for Swift on her worldwide ‘1989’ tour, and they’ve collaborated with her on numerous occasions in the past. On Swift’s upcoming album, ‘Evermore’, HAIM’s tune, “No Body, No Crime,” was included. In addition to Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, and Cardiff, HAIM also played performances in Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, and London as part of their “One More Haim” UK tour. taylor swift joins haim.

Taylor Swift Joins Haim
Taylor Swift Joins Haim


HAIM debuted a new single, ‘Lost Track,’ earlier this year, which was accompanied by a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed music video. After listening to and watching the final product, both sisters regarded it as “extremely collaborative” and “off the cuff”.

A new song by Taylor Swift called “Carolina,” produced by Aaron Dessner of The National, was released just a few days ago. Where the Crawdads Sing, a new film directed by Olivia Newman and produced by Reese Witherspoon, with the song as its theme. It was initially shown in the teaser for the new mystery thriller “Carolina” back in March. As everyone was surprised to see Taylor swift joins haim over there.

This song by Taylor Swift has an ominous quality to it because she says, “No, they never did see me here/ There are places I will never, ever go/ Things that Carolina will never know.” Swift wrote the song while working on her 2020 album ‘Folklore,’ according to Witherspoon, after reading the novel by Delia Owens, which was the inspiration for the film.

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A roundtable discussion with Reese Witherspoon revealed that she had read the book and fell in love with it, and when she learned that the movie was being made, she wrote a haunting and lovely song with the entire ‘Folklore’ team (via Variety).

When she released “Look What You Made Me Do” earlier this month, Swift explained that the song was inspired by an idea she had about a girl who was “always on the outside, looking in” a few years ago. Literally and figuratively. The conflict between her sense of isolation and her sense of freedom. A concoction of her curiosity and apprehension. Despite the world’s deception, her tenderness endured.

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