Tesla Gets Apple CarPlay Support

A car radio or head unit can serve as both a display and a controller for an iOS device thanks to CarPlay, an Apple standard. All iPhone devices, starting with the iPhone 5, running iOS 7.1 or later support it. According to Apple’s website, CarPlay is used by all significant automakers. Vehicle audio accessories from automotive aftermarket vendors can be installed in vehicles without CarPlay. The CarPlay interface offers the audio and display link to the car’s infotainment system, even though the majority of the CarPlay software operates on the connected iPhone.

CarPlay adjusts to various display sizes and interfaces, including buttons, rotary dials, touch screens, steering-wheel controls, and hands-free microphones, for each vehicle. CarPlay and/or Android Auto may be supported by aftermarket head units. You may purchase aftermarket head units from Alpine, Clarion, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony, and JVC.

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The Apple CarPlay application for Tesla electric cars (EVs) by Polish developer Micha Gapiski (@mikegapinski) has been upgraded to version 2022.25.1, bringing a number of improvements and compatibility for all Teslas. Version 2022.25.1, according to the developer, “provides 100% functioning CarPlay connectivity for any Tesla.” Along with several bug fixes, the update also includes new functionality.

These include enhancements to the graphics and performance, corrections for audio problems that had been hinted at in an early build, and DRM compatibility so that programs like Netflix can function properly. Along with upgrading to Android 12.1 for improved reliability, the update adds a functioning orientation lock to make sure that apps like Apple Music always begin in landscape mode.

Check out the video below for a hands-on with Tesla Android 2022.25.1:

For years, Tesla users have been denied access to Apple features, and it doesn’t appear that this will soon change. Apple introduced a significant improvement to Apple CarPlay earlier this month at WWDC 2022. Tesla drivers shouldn’t hang their breath for the next iteration of CarPlay, despite the fact that it is anticipated to begin shipping with vehicles starting next year.

In January, Gapiski demonstrated his homemade CarPlay hack on a Tesla. Last month, the developer finally made it available to the general public under the name “Tesla Android Project.” Gapiski’s hack makes use of the built-in browser in the Tesla to run CarPlay on a modified version of Android. Even while Apple CarPlay integration is likely one of the solution’s biggest draws, it is merely one of many features available. On Git and the Tesla Android Project website, the new Apple CarPlay workaround for Tesla automobiles is now accessible.

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