The Chase Season 3 Chasers: Who Is Blackwell In This TV Show?

With a formidable five-pack of Chasers on ABC, the chase will soon begin again, but this time the players won’t be able to walk away with a lot of cash. Season 3’s key art poster (below) and a useful guide to who’s who — and who’s now – among the crafty Chasers are featured in this gallery. Holey Moley Season 4 premieres on May 3 at 9/8c, while The Chase follows at 9/8c as part of a new Tuesday reality lineup (at 8 pm). This season’s finale of The Chase will be followed by a new, true-crime-themed Who Do You Believe? (at 10 pm).

“Jeopardy!” is featured on ABC’s Sara Haines-hosted “The Chase.” GOAT Mark “The Beast” Labbett (who has since joined GSN’s Master Minds) and Ken Jennings (who is currently co-hosting that drive-time quizzer) has stepped down as Chasers, allowing Buzzy Cohen, Brandon Blackwell, and Victoria Groce to join as Chasers. The new Chasers will be joined by Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer, who are both returning.

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The Chase Season 3 Chasers Gameplay

Each episode features a different set of three hopefuls. As many right answers as possible during a one-minute “Cash Builder” round, each participant earns money for their side ( $5,000 on the GSN version, $25,000 in the first ABC season, and $10,000 in the second season). The value of one correct answer is given to each competitor at the beginning of the GSN celebrity program.

A “chase” against the “chaser” follows the contestant’s participation in the Cash Builder. Both teams take turns answering a series of questions as the contestant tries to move money around a board and into the bank of the winning team. Two people stand at opposing ends of a seven-space game board, with the contestant picking a beginning position.

Cash Builder, which requires five correct answers, allows them to begin three steps ahead of the pursuers. Both options are available from the chaser: they can either start closer to the chaser and play for a bigger amount, or they can start further away and play for a lower amount. Depending on the outcome of the Cash Builder’s results, the lower offer may be negative. When a contestant receives a “Super Offer,” they are given the opportunity to play for even bigger stakes with only a one-step head start.

The emcee asks a series of questions with three answer alternatives, and the contestant and chaser covertly lock in their answers on keypads after the contestant selects a starting position. Each side must lock in a choice within five seconds or risk being locked out for that turn if the other side fails to do so.

One space down the board and toward the team bank is gained for each right response, while a mistake or lock-out keeps them in the same position. Contestants proceed to the Final Chase if they successfully move all of their money off the bottom of the board; if the chaser catches up with them, they are eliminated and their money is forfeited.

Once all three competitors have failed to win their individual chases, one team member is chosen to compete in the Final Chase on their own for a total of $15,000 ($5,000 for each competitor) on the GSN version or for a dollar amount offered by the chaser that is divided equally amongst the team on the ABC version. Contestants who are caught on GSN celebrity episodes leave with $5,000 for their chosen charities.

The Chase Season 3 Chasers Casts And Characters

The Chase Season 3 Chasers Casts
The Chase Season 3 Chasers Casts

Buzzy Cohen

Buzzy Cohen is a 37-year-old Jeopardy! the contestant is renowned for his nonsensical performance in 2016. His broad variety of knowledge and his irreverent humor helped him to become well-known. He won JeopardyTournament !’s of Champions in 2017 by putting risky bets, which led to his victory. Along with Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, he served as one of the “All-Star Games” captains in Season 35 of The Chase.

Victoria Groce

David Madden’s 19-day winning streak on Jeopardy! in 2005 was ended by the Georgia native. She’s been very active in the international quizzing scene since the mid-2010s. The 2021–22 Quizzing World Cup and 2021 World Quiz Awards also included Groce on the victorious American squad.

Brandon Blackwell

On three different quiz programs, Blackwell won more than $400,000, including $43K on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? at the tender age of 20. Known as the “Queen of Jeopardy!,” the 39-year-old Queens native is the all-time leader in the British quiz show University Challenge.

Other Casts: Brad Rutter, James Holzhauer

The Chase Season 3 Chasers Rating

As a result, The Chase became one of GSN’s most popular original programs ever. The first installment of the show drew 511,000 viewers, and the second episode, which drew 461,000 viewers, kept 90 percent of that viewership.  On January 28, 2014, The Chase drew 827,000 overall viewers and 234,000 adults 18-to-49 for a series best.

After dipping to 494,000 views for season three’s premiere and just 73,000 of those viewers were aged 18 to 49, season four’s premiere witnessed a large increase over the season before it, attracting 749,000 total viewers.  The 2021 ABC version premiered with a 0.9/5 rating/share and 6.2 million viewers thanks to a strong lead-in from Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. With 4.23 million viewers, the second season of the 2021 incarnation premiered. The third season of the 2021 version was seen by 2.29 million people when it aired on Netflix.

The Chase Season 3 Chasers Release Date

The revival was confirmed for a third season on March 15, 2022, with new chasers Victoria Groce, Brandon Blackwell, and Buzzy Cohen joining returning chasers Rutter and Holzhauer. On May 3, 2022, it debuted.


In the third season of The Chase, there are new Chasers, including former Jeopardy! contestants. Guest host and tournament of champions winner Buzzy Cohen. There are new chasers joining him, including Brandon Blackwell and Victoria Groce.

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