The Commitment and Perseverance of Swensen Have Benefited Salt Lake County: Letter

This is a letter of affection for longtime Salt Lake County clerk Sherrie Swensen. Despite the fact that we have never met in person, I have profited enormously from Swensen’s efforts to make voting in Salt Lake county simple and convenient.

My children felt at ease around a ballot because of how simple mail-in and drop-off voting were, therefore I have voted at my kitchen table with them.

I’ve used the drive-through at my neighbourhood libraries to drop off my ballots, which was quite useful when I was unwell, busy, or the kids were too young to want to wait in line while I voted.


While we have been so fortunate, I have watched in horror as individuals around the nation queued in the cold and hunger for hours to exercise their rights.

I entered the county clerk’s website, which was simple to navigate and understand. When I called the county clerk’s office once to voice my displeasure, I left a message.

I was shocked that Swensen took the time to phone back and clarify that the Utah state Legislature had required the terms of making voter information public.

The Commitment and Perseverance of Swensen Have Benefited Salt Lake County

She was on the phone with me for so long because she was so enthused. Her dedication to public service astounded me.

I doubt many young people dream of working as county clerks, but what a crucial function it plays in ensuring that our democracy is fair.

I don’t know how you’ve managed all these years, Sherrie Swensen, but I’m incredibly appreciative of your dedication. Your commitment and persistence have made a significant positive impact on Salt Lake County. Thank You.


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