The Department of Justice Has Given Salt Lake County a Grant for Community Violence Intervention

SALT LAKE COUNTY—  In collaboration with the Magna United Communities That Care Coalition, the Office of Justice Programs of the US Department of Justice has given a $2 million community violence intervention grant to the Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice Initiatives.

A three-year plan to prevent teenage violence in Magna will be developed, put into action, and evaluated with the help of the grant. It will also include two sizeable sub-awards to the Unified Police Department’s Choose Gang Free program and a culturally appropriate nonprofit organization.

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“We are dedicated to giving our youngsters better opportunities and all of our inhabitants safer communities. According to Jenny Wilson, mayor of Salt Lake County, “this financing is a game changer to help us empower families, increase safety, and improve results for youngsters.” “Salt Lake County is delighted to add to the strong coalition in Magna working to strengthen our neighborhood communities.”

The Utah Division of Juvenile Justice and Youth Services committed cash to this project in order to aid the activities of the Magna United Communities That Care Coalition. The Health Department and the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice Initiatives in Salt Lake County are both committed staff members.

The reduction of community violence among children and young adults will be made possible by the combination of the grant award, state money, county assistance, and local community activities. Magna Township has seen a rise in the number of young people being detained since 2020. The group recognized the necessity to safeguard public safety due to the rise in youth-related community violence.

“This initiative will promote community cohesion and aid in the prevention of violence. In order to intervene early and ensure safety and opportunity for our young people, it is crucial to collaborate with families, schools, and other community partners, according to Magna Township Council Member Trish Hull. Magna United is thrilled to have this support, as well.

“This is a significant accomplishment for the county. According to Brett Peterson, director of the Utah Division of Juvenile Justice and Adolescents Services, Salt Lake County is setting an example for youth and addressing some extremely complicated problems locally.

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