The Detective is Already Dead Season 2 Release Date Status: Confirm or Cancelled! Check Here!

The Detective is Already Dead is a series of Japanese light novels by Nigozyu and Umibozu. The series was released by Media Factory in November of 2019 and currently has 6 volumes out in the wild. A manga adaptation by Mugiko has been serialized by the same publisher since 2020; there are four volumes available at this time. Poni’s art is also featured in the ongoing manga adaptation of the second volume of The Detective Is Already Dead: The Lost Memory light novel.

The Detective is Already Dead Renewed for a Second Season

The release date for the second season of The Detective Is Already Dead has not been confirmed by Kadokawa, Studio ENGI, or any other company involved in the production of the anime.

Assuming that production on the second season will begin in July of 2022, the earliest that The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 could potentially be released is in the year 2024. In the event that the rumor turns out to be true, this article will be updated to include the newly discovered information.

The Detective Is Already Dead Season 1 Storyline

Kimihiko Kimizuka had a very challenging upbringing; it seemed like trouble had come into his life out of the blue ever since he was a young child. He claimed that he was born with a condition that inevitably brings difficult situations into his life. This theory includes instances where he was forced to participate in a flash mob while out for a leisurely stroll and instances where he stumbled upon a backroom deal between infamous drug dealers. He frequently goes to crime scenes, which makes him a frequent suspect.

He was taken away one day in the third year of junior high school and forced to carry a suitcase onto a plane. On that flight, he meets Siesta, a fellow traveler who professed to be a legendary detective. Then, against his will, she forced him to be her sidekick. The two of them then successfully prevented the plane from being hijacked with Kimihiko’s assistance, but not before learning about criminal organizations. For the first time in three years, Kimihiko agrees to be Siesta’s sidekick.

They find and solve an infinite number of cases during that time. Kimihiko, who is currently in his senior year of high school, is once more confronted by the ghosts of the past as he works to solve new cases that come his way. Because the detective is already dead, he finds it offensive that he is being referred to as one.

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The Detective is Already Dead Season 2 What Can We Expect

At the end of the first season, Kimizuka and Siesta fought Chameleon together. Siesta got her soul back from Nagisa, who had taken it. After the battle, she let Nagisa take charge of her body again. At the end of the show, they talk in a bar about what they want to do in the future.

In the end credits, we see a flashback of Siesta and Kimizuka where she tells him to remember the names of the girls who woke him up from his sleep. The girl’s name will end up being Nagisa, and it is the one thing that ties the whole season together from the start. This could mean that in Season 2, we’ll get to see Nagisa and Siesta’s backstory and deeper relationship, as well as an interesting romance between the two.

The Detective is Already Dead Release Date

Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 because there are still a number of questions from the first season for which they have not received satisfactory answers. However, there is a very small chance that Season 2 will be released during the winter season of 2022 or during the fall season of 2023. When can we reasonably expect to receive it? if we take into consideration the novels that still need to be edited. The adaptation of more than two volumes of light novels brought the first season to a close.

This light novel will have a total of six books published by the time April 2022 rolls around. According to the author, preparations for the seventh volume are currently underway. As a result, the spring of 2023 seems to be the most likely window for the release of The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2. There is a significant amount of narrative that can be altered. In addition to this, we can rest assured that the animation studios will not repeat the errors that they made in the first season.

The Detective is Already Dead Season 2 Release Date
The Detective is Already Dead Season 2 Release Date

The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 Characters

We have a high school student named Kimihiko Kimizuka who is 18 years old and has a strange ability to attract criminals. Then there is Siesta, who is known as the legendary detective. Siesta is a mysterious woman who owns a musket and seven items that have magical powers. She tries to stop crimes from happening before they do.

Season 2 Voice Cast for The Detective Is Already Dead?

The main voice actors will be back for more adventures, as shown by an official teaser trailer for season 2 that was also put online:

Kimihiko Kimizuka: Arata Nagai Siesta: Saki Miyashita
Nagisa Natsunagi: Ayana Taketatsu
Yui Saikawa: Kanon Takao
Charlotte Arisaka Anderson: Saho Shirasuna

The Detective Is Already Dead 2 Trailer

There will be a second season of the anime The Detective Is Already Dead. We still don’t know when or where the show will air. A sneak peek trailer has been made public:

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