The Head Season 2 Release Date, Premise, Trailer, And More

According to Jorge Dorado, who is back as the show’s director, “Season 2” also features more diverse individuals, delves “deeper and darker” into the characters, and was partially shot on a real-life cargo freighter spanning 150 metres in length, located in the port of Tenerife and its environs.

Hovik Keuchkerian (“Money Heist,” “Riot Police”), Moe Dunford (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”), Enrique Arce (“Money Heist,” “Rifkin’s Festival”), Josefin Neldén (“The Restaurant”), Olivia Morris (“Hotel Portofino”), Thierry Godard, and Sota Fukushi (“Bleach”) are among the 20 new actors of 10 different nationalities. They will appear in The Head Season. The Mediapro Studio is collaborating with Hulu Japan to produce Season 2.

Along with Laura Fernandez Espeso, Javier Méndez, Bernat Elas, and Mariano Baselga, the show’s lead writer for Season 2, Tellem, the series’ originator, returns as executive producer. He collaborated on his writing with the playwrights Jordi Galcerán (The Grönholm Method, “El crédito”) from Catalonia, Isaac Sastre (also from the previous season), and Cauê Laratta from Brazil.

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The Head Season 2 Release Date

On December 22, HBO Max will exclusively debut “The Head” Season 2 in Spain. HBO Max will release the first complete season of “The Head,” which had its debut in Spain via Orange, on November 1 as a preview. According to a Thursday announcement from HBO Max and The Mediapro Studio, the second season will be made available in a marathon style.

The Head Season 2

About The Head Season 1

Season 1 of “The Head” from HBO Max has already been available in the US and Latin America. The Mediapro Studio’s biggest hit to date, “The Head,” debuted in over 90 countries and territories. Season 2 finds the two Season 1 survivors, Maggie (Katharine O’Donnelly), the station’s young doctor, and renowned biologist Arthur Wilde (John Lynch), the leader of Polaris VI’s scientific mission, now aboard the Alexandria, a sizable scientific freighter with a large laboratory, where Wilde, who has escaped from prison, carries out a crucial assignment in the fight against climate change to ensure the survival of the planet.

He soon has to stop his actions since a head has been severed. The six-part second season, a continuation of Season 1, which was initially intended to be a limited series, poses the same central question: If one man can save the planet even though he has committed terrible crimes, should you try to prosecute him? At a Mipcom presentation of the new season, Ran Tellem, director of international content development at The Mediapro Studio, made a statement.

With the explanation and outcome being disclosed at the very end of the season, the second instalment will again be an action-suspense thriller.

Although the event will be told in real time, the storytelling will differ. According to Tellem, the season represents considerable product quality and setting advancement. It is set at Point Nemo in the Pacific, the world’s most distant point from the continent.

The Head Season 2 Premise

The South Pole is now in the winter season. For the ensuing six months, the sun will no longer be visible. Under the leadership of renowned biologist Arthur Wilde, a small group of researchers known as the Winterers will continue their ground-breaking work at the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station (John Lynch).

The whole team is either dead or missing when summer commander Johan Berg (Alexandre Willaume) arrives at the station in the spring. Johan’s wife Annika (Laura Bach) is missing, and a murderer is at large. He will have to put his trust in Maggie (Katharine O’Donnelly), the young doctor who is very rattled and appears to be the only survivor from the group, if he wants to find her alive.

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The Head Season 2 Trailer

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