The Slain Victim’s Husband Claims The Sheriff’s Office Is Not Doing Enough

Nov. 16— Veronique “Roni” Reaves was shot and died while driving down Georgia Route 212 in Baldwin County more than three years ago.

The murder case has not yet been solved.

Roni’s widow Renaldo Reaves alleged that the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office was not doing enough to solve his wife’s case during a Monday night session on unsolved murder cases involving Black victims in Milledgeville and Baldwin County held at Union Baptist Church in Milledgeville.

Reaves informed the forum’s anticipated 80 attendees that “she got slain while driving home on 212,” co-sponsored by the Baldwin County Branch of the NAACP, SCLC, 100 Black Men of Oconee and Milledgeville, and Black Lives Matter. “She made a 911 call. All I can say is that by dialling 911, she made the right decision. She didn’t hang up the phone from them.”

Reaves claimed that despite his attempts, he had never gotten a copy of the 911 call.

And we are unable to obtain any form of justice, Reaves added. “The sheriff’s office hasn’t been open and honest.”

Reaves’ wife, a Central Georgia Technical College instructor and mother of two kids, now aged 8 and 19, worked part-time as a beautician at the family-run barbershop run by her husband.

“Because my wife was a teacher and we didn’t use 48 Hours, there appear to be two opposing views on the law enforcement issue. On the one hand, a professional professor at the University of Georgia was killed, and the police used (CBS’) 48 Hours to help them solve the crime. We received nothing. We accept no updates, and I cannot obtain a police report or any information about what occurred that evening.”

The show failed to provide a resolution to the CBS investigative news story on the UGA professor who was assassinated in Baldwin County. After the case went to trial, a show was produced about it. Detectives from the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office and agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Region 6 Office in Milledgeville collaborated to solve the case.

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A jury earlier this year declared the defendant not guilty of the murder even though the case resulted in an arrest.

Reaves asserted, “It’s been alleged that I haven’t cooperated, but I’m here. “Anyone who wants to ask me questions, with or without legal representation… But as I said, there cannot be two levels of justice when discussing unsolved killings. That is the appropriate thing to do because it falls under one branch of justice.”

The local NAACP president, Cynthia Ward-Edwards, asked Sheriff Bill Massee if he wanted to respond to Reaves’ remarks.

Massee said, “Yes, ma’am, I do. “Regarding the Veronique Reaves matter, we have been completely open. Because the husband claimed to know who killed her, the first two days were spent working 16 and 18 hours a day with me, five of my investigators, and four GBI agents.”

After those two full days, Renaldo Reaves hired a counsel and refused to speak with police and GBI agents, according to Massee.

Reaves was standing close by when Massee added, “But if he’s telling us tonight that he’d like to sit down and talk with the GBI and truly have a forensic interview, I can promise you, we will be more than pleased to do that at your leisure, your pleasure.”

Reaves answered right away.

Reaves declared, “I’m walking out on that if you stand there and lie and claim I said I knew who killed her.

Reaves, according to Massee, told police and GBI agents that one of his wife’s students was responsible for the murder.

At that point, Reaves and Massee’s conversation halted as Ward-Edwards talked about another murder case.

Massee spoke to the crowd once again at the forum’s conclusion.

Massee responded, “But what I said is the truth. “We must enlist the aid of everyone, whether they are family members or not. Lewis Huley and Oscar Davis Sr. were my childhood friends. They both served as my mentors. People get insane. They did not go bonkers. They were sensible, down-to-earth folks who assisted me in putting out flames.”

Massee said that Cindy Ward-Edwards and Clarence Hall had been “quite forthright with us” since they were active in the NAACP neighbourhood.

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