There is a Haunted Tea Room a Scary Courthouse and Other Scary Places in Lake County

TAVARES — Is there not a single haint in Lake County? Tell that to the people whose skin crawls when they hear screams along a darkened road or hear things go bump in the night in old buildings. Tell that to the people whose flesh creeps out when they hear things go bump in the night. If you believe the myths that circulate about hauntings in this region, spirits like ghosts and goblins don’t simply make an appearance on October 31st.

Rolling Acres Road in Lady Lake

Consider Rolling Acres Road, which (shudder) dead ends in Lady Lake. To go as far away from the crowded Villages area as possible, travel as far south on the road as you can. According to legend, a woman by the name of Julia was murdered nearby, and now her ghost prowls the woods at night. You can allegedly hear her scream.

“I used to live in Fruitland Park, and I know a bunch of kids that had strange experiences on that road. One dude went out there and said that they saw a woman dressed in white, or glowing, and it was as if you could see through her,” writes a man named Tim.

“You won’t hear anything unless you park your car and turn off the engine, then roll down your windows and you can hear sounds like banshees in the woods.” According to legend, she was shot by a boyfriend who was envious. Some people claim to have seen a gloomy apparition similar to the grim reaper.

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A Ghost Train in Leesburg’s Sunnyside Area?

Sunnyside in Leesburg is another storied location. It used to be a rural area with more woods and orange trees than people, as well as train tracks. A ghost train was allegedly seen to be traveling down the tracks, according to several witnesses.

Evidently, it has nothing to do with the fact that one of the area’s main highways is called Sleepy Hollow. Years later, that road was constructed. Ichabod Crane, a teacher, is haunted by a headless horseman in Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

The Windsor Rose Tea Room in Mount Dora

The Windsor Rose Tea Room in Mount Dora is the place to be if you enjoy English-style teatime (not tee time). According to Grizzard Real Estate’s website, Central Florida’s Most Haunted Real Estate and Spookiest Places, there have been sporadic reports of a woman dressed in period attire, glasses sliding across tabletops, and other eerie occurrences (

Owner of the Tea Room Marsha Goodale affirms, “It’s true.” “I’ve only ever seen her upper body up to the waist. The remainder is missing. Sometimes, the morning after, she arrives at work to find that the photographs have been reshuffled. A picture once detonated from the wall and landed on the floor.

She claimed, “A ghost touched me once. Every single employee who has ever worked there has consistently heard their name called. Goodale makes an effort to minimize the ghost stories. I’m working on managing a business. She remarked, “I don’t have time to tell ghost stories.

Three paranormal ghost-hunting teams have arrived to look for strange occurrences. When they arrive, it’s constantly lively, according to Goodale. The origin of the action? She explained that sometimes a spirit that is connected to an object comes along with it when you buy it.

She claimed that occasionally a little boy’s ghost enters and uses the restroom. According to legend, before the Tea Room was even a part of the building, a woman in tears entered, sat down in a chair, and announced that her young son had been struck by a car in front of the structure.

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The Historic Lake County Courthouse in Tavares

The old courthouse on Main Street in Tavares, however, is the most frightful location of all. It was constructed in 1924 and served as the courtroom, the jail, and Sheriff Willis McCall’s administrative offices for many years. Since then, three more courthouses have been constructed. When the original, wooden building burned down, the historic courthouse was built in its stead.

Former county museum curator Bob Grenier and office manager Lois Parker both claim to have witnessed multiple paranormal encounters while working late into the night. In a 2017 Daily Commercial article, Grenier stated, “They’re coming out to socialize.” They were “friendly,” he said of them.

The water fountains are on, the elevators are moving up and down, you can hear footsteps on the stairs and mezzanine, and things moved when he left a room. Is there evidence? Grenier commissioned a photographer to capture the structure at night during a gala for the Historic Society in March of that year. At first, he didn’t give it any thought.

He then gave the photo to his sister before departing for Indianapolis to see her. She pointed at a woman standing in a fifth-floor corner window and asked, “Who’s this?” There was a woman’s figure, clothed in the 1930s or 1940s attire. He admitted, “I never noticed it before.

Some sheriff’s department personnel are currently residing in the area of the courthouse, and it is secured. It was formerly the courthouse space. According to legend, a woman jumped to her death from that same location. Grenier addressed her as “Sally.” If you enlarge the shot, you can plainly see her features.

On the fourth floor, the image also captured people loitering. Grenier said that nobody was supposed to be there either. Although their photographs are not as sharp, you can still make out their arms, legs, features, and other characteristics. The second floor’s rooms likewise had lights on.

A sheriff’s deputy reported that paranormal activity was discovered on the fifth level by ghost hunters from a television program using electronic devices. One woman, who preferred that her identity remain anonymous, claimed that on a Saturday night when she was working alone on the fourth floor, lights began flashing and her computer screen began to wave.

She claimed, “I hadn’t touched it.” Then, I noticed a dark figure walking straight through the wall in my peripheral vision. I stood up and left. A sound that was “something between a groan and a screech,” according to Parker, was once heard. “I pray I never hear anything like it again. I’ve never heard anything like it before. My spine was chilled,” she remarked.

However, the basement is the spookiest part of the structure. He calls the atmosphere down there “rowdy.” He declared, “I won’t go down there at night.” However, the strangest noise was only heard once. Grenier initially had no idea what the smashing noise was. It made gallows noises, “said he. “The most recent hanging was outside.

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