To Your Eternity Season 2: Is There Season 2 of To Your Eternity?

A Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshitoki ima is titled To Your Eternity. Since November 2016, it has been published in Weekly Shonen Magazine, and as of August 2021, Kodansha has collected the different chapters into sixteen tanks on volumes. Fushi, an immortal entity, is shown as an abandoned white-haired country lad, and his white wolf in stimulating it as it learns what it means to be fully human in the story.

ima, inspired by her own mom’s death, intended to write about surviving and the creature Fushi, who at first is an emotionless stone but eventually acquires a self and personality as a result of connecting with humans, young and old. A Silent Voice, on the other hand, focuses more on the cast’s past, while To Your Eternity focuses more on the present.

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To Your Eternity Season 2 Storyline

A featureless white ball, created by an unknown entity known as the Beholder, is given the name Fushi. Fushi first appears as a boulder, and then as an arctic wolf nearing death. Joaan, Fushi’s dog, is mistaken for Fushi by an orphaned youngster who lives alone. An infected wound causes Fushi to take on the form of the deceased youngster. A big white bear named Oniguma commands him to sacrifice March, a young woman he encounters in Ninannah.

Fushi is given a name by March, who also teaches him the basics of speaking and hand gestures. As a result of Fushi’s victory over Oniguma, he and March, Parona (an older sister figure to March), and the elderly Pioran are brought prisoner by Hayase, to Yanome. As a result of March’s selfless sacrifice in order to save Parona, she is now a ghost. As a result of Fushi’s split from Parona, Ninannah is left alone to deal with Hayase’s rekindled obsession with obtaining Fushi for herself.

Fushi begins to speak like a child as a result of accompanying Pioran. The Nokker, a plant-like creature that can steal Fushi’s form and memories, attacks them as they go to Takunaha, Pioran’s birthplace. Fushi kills the Beholder when it appears to warn him, regaining his memories in the process. When Fushi visits Takunaha, she encounters Gugu, who was left scarred after saving Rean in an accident.

'To Your Eternity'
‘To Your Eternity’

As a result of Gugu’s actions, Fushi and Rean become friends. During Fushi’s four-year human-only hiatus, he refuses to transform or create anything. Gugu is slain by an armored Nokker, and he transforms into a spirit, like March, in the process. Following Pioran, Fushi flees Takunaha, fearful of a Nokker onslaught. Tonari is paid by Hayase to entice Fushi and Pioran onto a prison ship bound for Jananda island, where Pioran is held captive. In order to release Pioran, Fushi participates in the island’s gladiatorial tournament.

Hayase, Fushi’s old adversary, confesses that she was the one who killed Parona in the final round. Furious, Fushi pursues him, but he is captured and raped by her. Everyone has gathered here to aid in the rescue of Tonari’s immortal comrade, Oopa. Three of Tonari’s pals are slain as a result of a Nokker attack on the island that involved them invading the corpses of other people. In the end, Fushi kills the Nokkers and departs the island with Hayase, leaving the latter to drown in the ocean after being assaulted by a Nokker and saved by a guy who Fushi had attacked earlier in the game.

While on a deserted island, Fushi is reunited with Pioran and gets dementia. Her spirit is resurrected as a horse that serves as Fushi’s faithful friend four decades later after she requests the Beholder to build her something helpful. It is forty years after Fushi has been on the island that Nokkers begin to attack humans. The nine-year-old granddaughter of Hayase’s restless spirit, Hisame, encounters him just as he’s about to go. As a result of the attack, the Nokker that had been attacking Hayase has now been absorbed into Hisame’s left arm.

In the wake of the Nokker attack, Tonari and Sander return to the scene of the crime. Despite being wounded herself, Hisame tries to kill Tonari but manages to escape. Tonari dies in front of Fushi and transforms into a spirit as a result. After Hisame agrees to leave Fushi, Fushi rescues her and refuses to kill the Nokker in her arm. A male named Kahaku is one of Hayase’s seventeen reincarnations and descendants and succeeding generations; he visits Fushi on a regular basis for the following two centuries. The Guardian Force Unit, a religious sect founded by their great-great-great-great-grandmother, worships Fushi and opposes the Nokkers. Kahaku relieves Fushi from his solitary confinement after competing religions begin slandering him.

To Your Eternity Season 2 Casts And Characters

Kenjiro Tsuda

Tsuda Kenjir, born on June 11, 1971, in Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese actor, voice actor, storyteller, and filmmaker. He’s employed at ANDSTIR. Seto Kaiba, Sadahara Inui in Shin Tennis no Ouji-Sama-Sama, and Kazama Chikage in Hakooki are just some of the characters he has portrayed as voice actors in various anime and manga series. He has also portrayed characters such as Mikoto Suoh and Gouki Zenjou in K-Project, Fire Emblem in Tiger & Bunny, Hannes from Attack on Titan, Nicolas Brown in Gangsta, and Matoba Kei in Cop Craft.

Misuki Saiga

In addition to being a voice actress and singer, Mitsuki Saiga (Saiga Mitsuki; born June 12, 1973)  is also a member of the Ken Production group. Tsukasa in. hack, Maria Ross in Fullmetal Alchemist, MakubeX in GetBackers, Wolfram von Bielefeld in Kyo Kara Maoh!, Chie in My-Hime, and My-Otome, Teito Klein in 07-Ghost, and the title character in Jing: King of Bandits are just a few of her notable roles. Her rich baritone can be heard in roles that call for a manly or macho woman’s demeanor.

Other Casts: Masahiko Murata, Reiji Kawashima

To Your Eternity Season 2 Release Date

To Your Eternity Season, 2 will be released in October 2022, in time for the Fall 2022 anime season, according to a confirmed announcement. According to the NHK website, there will be a total of 20 episodes in the second season. Manga’s plot pace had projected that the second season would be split into two courses once more.

To Your Eternity Season 2 Trailer

To Your Eternity’s Season, 2 trailers indicated that both the show’s core cast and the studio responsible for its production have changed.

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