Toby Keith Stomach Cancer

Country Star Toby Keith Has Stomach Cancer: ‘I Need Time to Breathe’

Toby Keith, the country musician, is sharing an update on his health with his fans. During an Instagram post on Sunday, the “Red Solo Cup” performer revealed that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer last fall. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery have all been part of his treatment regimen for the past six months, he said in a statement uploaded to his social media accounts. “Good news thus far! My body and mind need some downtime to rest and recharge.”

After saying that, he added, “I’m looking forward to spending time with my family.” “But don’t worry, I’ll see all of you shortly. I’m very excited.” Keith will appear in Illinois and Michigan on June 17 and 18 as part of his current record tour. Until now, no formal announcements have been made regarding probable changes to his tour schedule.

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Peso in My Pocket, Keith’s first album in five years, was released in October. While running, Keith stated he came up with the ideas for the album’s songs, according to an interview he gave to People at the time of the interview.

In the moments before setting off, he would consult his phone’s music library for song inspiration. “My time would be up before I knew it, and I’d been working on the tunes in my thoughts continually, grinding gears in my skull. When I went home, I’d turn on my phone’s recorder and record whatever came to mind.”


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“It was a wonderful time for me to write,” he said. The native Oklahoman has long been a cancer patient champion. A decade ago, he started the Toby Keith Foundation to help sick children and their families. An “affordable and comfortable house for pediatric cancer children getting treatment” was opened by the organization in 2014, as stated on their website.

His foundation’s website states, “There is no greater gift than keeping families strong and together at a tough time.” In the fight against cancer, “if we can reduce the stress on the family, encourage a brother or sister, and provide comfort to a sick child, we will make a difference.”

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