Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Release Date: Confirmed (Latest Updates)

Tokyo Revengers is a prominent Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. As one of Japan’s most widely read comics, Tokyo Revengers won the Shonen category of the 44th Kodansha manga award in 2020. We’re almost at the end of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252.

Tokyo Revengers has what it takes to have a decade-defining run of good fortune. It was one of the biggest hits of the year, and the manga craze continues to rage. Chapter 252 Spoilers and a Chapter 251 Recap may be found under the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Raw Scans and Release Date section further down the page. Consider the specifics of the most recent online Chapter 252.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Storyline

Tokyo Revengers tells the story of Takemichi Hanagaki who traveled to the past to save Hinata Tachibana, her high school ex-girlfriend. Takemichi’s aim was to prevent Hinata’s murder by the Tokyo Manji Gang with the help of Naoto Tachibana. Nakamichi time-leaped back to 12 years and found himself as a student. His aim was to take over Tokyo Manji Gang and save all of his loved ones.

The battle between Kakucho and Takemichi appears to be put off in the manga. Kakucho appears to be still battling to beat the head of the Tokyo Manji Gang 2nd Generation, as demonstrated in this chapter’s events.

Shion and Akkun’s battle had come to an end. For the first time, Akkun’s fighting spirit is greater than Shion’s, and this gives him the advantage over the rogue magician.

Shion assaulted Akkun, but the first division men were able to dodge it. At the same time, Akkun took this moment to counterattack Shion, culminating in him defeating the commanding officer of the Kanto Manji Gang.

While Akkun performed an excellent job of knocking down Shion, it appears that the Tokyo Manji Gang’s first division captain is now in a precarious position. While Inupi was asking Wakasa why he joined the Kanto Manji Gang, Keizo Arashi suddenly emerged behind Inupi. However, Inupi was powerless to stop Keizo, who attacked him right away. Despite being caught off guard by the enemy’s strike, Inupi was still able to keep his consciousness.

Currently, the conflict pitting Sanzu against Senju is proving to be one of the most intriguing. Many people are curious to see how their battle will conclude now that their upbringing has been revealed. Many fans wanted Senju to triumph over Sanzu, but the mangaka had other plans.

Before the former leader of Brahman was vanquished, she requested Sanzu for forgiveness. Sanzu, on the other hand, admitted to Senju that she had no idea what had transpired that day. The actions that Senju took at the time were only a catalyst for what Sanzu is doing now.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Casts

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Casts
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Casts

Hajime Kokonoi

Hajime Kokonoi is a member of the Kanto Manji Gang’s ruling council. While in the Black Dragon Elite Guard, he served as captain and later as a member of the First Division Tokyo Manji Gang. Koko was once a member of Tenjiku and served as the organization’s Treasurer.

Keizo Arashi

Keizo Arashi is a founder member and the former Guard Unit Captain of Black Dragon. In addition, he was formerly employed by Brahman.

Seishu Inui

Seishu Inui is the previous tenth generation Black Dragon commander and the current Black Dragon Vice-Captain.

Wakasa Imaushi

Wakasan Imaushi is the Commando Unit Captain of the Kanto Manji Gang. He was also a founder member and the former Special Attack Unit Captain of Black Dragon and a Top Executive of Brahman.

Other Casts: Manjiro Sano, Shuji Hanma, Hakkai Shiba

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Release Date

Fans of the Tokyo Revengers manga are eagerly awaiting the release of the new chapter, which is becoming increasingly popular. As per the Tokyo Revengers studio, Tokyo revengers chapter 252 will be officially released on May 03, 2022.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Trailer

Takemichi Hanagaki’s life is interminably gloomy. To his horror, only when all seems hopeless does he discover Hinata Tachibana’s body has been found, murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang, an evil organization that has been wrecking havoc on the city for some time.


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