Two Dancers Injured At Cantopop Concert In Hong Kong

SINGAPORE — At a Cantopop concert in Hong Kong, two dancers suffered injuries when a large television screen held above the stage toppled onto the artists below. The Cantopop boy band Mirror performed at the Hong Kong Coliseum on Thursday, the fourth of a planned 12-concert run by the group.

Social media users shared videos of Mirror members Anson Lo and Edan Lui performing on stage with a dozen dancers when one of the numerous hung LED screens above the stage collapsed. According to the video, the screen fell and appeared to strike one dancer in the head and body before tipping over onto another artist as the audience yelled in terror.

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Videos showed that the other actors on stage hastened to assist individuals who had been struck by the screen. Police stated that they were notified of the event at 10:36 p.m. and that two male dancers were transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital while aware.

According to the hospital, one of the dancers was in a “severe state,” while the other was stable, according to local media. Three additional female audience members were also reported harmed, according to the police, in addition to the two performers who were hurt onstage. While two of them were in a state of shock and needed no medical attention, one of them felt poorly and was sent to the same hospital while still aware.

After the incident, the event was called off, and spectators were instructed to vacate the area. The most recent incident in the string of concerts is the falling LED screen. During a lecture on Tuesday, one of the members of Mirror, Frankie Lui, appeared to lose his balance and fall off the edge of the stage, according to videos posted on social media.

The same night, a petition was started online regarding the security problems with the Mirror shows, and it has since gathered more than 13,000 signatures from supporters. The petition demanded that the event’s planners assure Mirror’s and its dancers’ security and abstain from utilizing extraneous stage props or elevated platforms.

A request for comment sent through email was not immediately answered by Viu, the firm that developed and presently operates Mirror. Mirror, a 12-person group that has become extremely well-liked in Hong Kong, is credited with bringing back Cantopop and has gathered tens of thousands of admirers there.

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