Two Guys Are Arrested for Allegedly Texting and Enticing Kids Online

According to law enforcement, Two Guys Are Arrested for Allegedly Texting and Enticing Kids Online on Wednesday. A police booking affidavit states that Thomas Martin Blair, 52, was trying to meet a young girl, 13, to do s*x acts.

According to FBI agents, Blair made a social media post looking for “YngrGirls” who enjoy “OldrDads.” The document states that Blair then had s*xually explicit communication with a female he thought was 13 years old.

The affidavit states that Blair “had previously engaged in chats with the same supposed minor girl during which he repeatedly requested compromising photographs of the girl and discussed s*x acts.”

The FBI Salt Lake Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force agents and other law enforcement officers set up surveillance at an apartment complex in Taylorsville — the pre-arranged meeting location — to find and arrest Blair after learning that he had allegedly scheduled a meeting with the alleged 13-year-old girl.

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The affidavit claims that throughout the surveillance, Blair maintained contact with the person he believed to be the minor female and said he had arrived at the complex and was looking for a previously mentioned landmark.

Law enforcement personnel observed a black Hyundai SUV enter and leave the apartment complex parking lot “several times” simultaneously. When agents checked the vehicle’s licence plate, they discovered that Blair, who was 52 years old and had a registered residence in West Jordan, was the owner of the car.

Police stopped the Hyundai and recognised the driver as Blair after Blair used a message to prove that he was at the property. The affidavit states that Blair was taken to the State Bureau of Investigation building where, after being informed of his Miranda rights, he admitted to speaking with a minor via several social media platforms and having explicit conversations with her, including ones in which they discussed specific s*x acts.

According to the affidavit, a search of Blair’s phone after getting his permission turned up “many communications in which he discussed a s*xual interest in children.” Additionally, it said that Blair admitted that “approximately 20% of his s*xual interest is pedophilic” when questioned.

Two Guys Are Arrested for Allegedly Texting and Enticing Kids Online

Blair was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly luring a juvenile via text or the internet and was later taken into the Salt Lake County Jail. A police booking document states that Gerardo Aguilar-Romero, 51, was detained in West Valley City on Wednesday for allegedly planning to abuse a victim he thought was 13 years old s*xually.

An undercover FBI agent assumed the identity of a 13-year-old girl engaged in prostitution or s*x trafficking. Romero contacted the secret FBI profile or advertisement on a well-known escort or prostitution website that featured a young girl involved in s*x trafficking, according to the affidavit, and gave the personified 13-year-old girl a phone number to call.

According to the affidavit, Romero started texting this identity and offered to pay $150 for s*x acts. Romero made plans to meet at a hotel in West Valley City, according to the affidavit, and drove there.

Without incident, Romero was taken into custody while possessing $150 and c*nd*ms. “He acknowledged conversing with a 13-year-old girl during an interview with Romero and said he would pay $150 for s*x.

Romero claimed she was only accessible since she knew paying for s*x with a 13-year-old girl was against the law. “Affidavit says this. Romero was arrested on suspicion of texting or using the internet to entice a juvenile on Wednesday and lodged in the Salt Lake County Jail.

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