Two Suspects Arrested After Salt Lake County Automobile Chase


Utah‘s South Jordan — Following a car chase through some of Salt Lake County on Tuesday night, two persons are under arrest. According to the authorities, a Millcreek police officer saw a stolen car late Tuesday night and started to follow it. A Ford F-350 pickup truck was involved in the incident; it was towing a cargo trailer. The automobile ran a red light, and police claim that their attempts to stop traffic were unsuccessful.

The southward movement brought the car to Midvale. The vehicle was spotted by unmarked police cars in Midvale, who then started to follow it. A police officer from the Unified Police Department was able to spike the tires of the car at 11400 S. Redwood Road after it had entered South Jordan. However, despite the fact that police were pursuing it, the car kept going. Police said that the tires were disintegrating after being spiked.

The truck was on its rims and on flames after hitting a curb when the car chase came to an end around dawn. The vehicle was subjected to a high-risk stop after it had stopped. The passenger, identified by Unified Police as Michael Fisher, 49, got out of the truck and was arrested. Trent Kezior, the driver, who is 39 years old, fled the scene while lying on the ground. However, a West Jordan Police Department K9 team apprehended him shortly after and took him into custody. The South Jordan Fire Department extinguished the car fire. Both suspects, according to the police, received treatment on the spot, were taken to a nearby hospital, and have since been arrested.

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