U.S. Capitol Police Officer Describes Facing Mob To Jan. 6 Panel

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Report Facing Mob to Jan. 6 Panel

In evidence before a congressional panel examining last year’s U.S. Capitol attack, a police officer who suffered brain damage at the hands of rioters recalled scenes of violence and mayhem, with other cops injured and on the ground.

Caroline Edwards, a member of the United States Capitol Police, was one of two witnesses who testified in person during the first session of the House of Representatives select committee investigating the assault on Jan. 6, 2021. She explained how she was injured and what she discovered once she was safely behind a Washington Metropolitan Police Department line.

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“It was just a war scenario that I saw. It reminded me of something I’d seen in a movie. My eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Officers were stationed on the ground. They were, after all, bleeding. They were passing gas… I was slipping through people’s veins, “She gave her testimony.

Edwards was injured while attempting to hold back a throng of former President Donald Trump’s fans with two of the metal bike racks police were using as barricades, according to the committee.

“I was forced backward as the bike rack collided with my head, and my foot snagged on the stair behind me. And then my chin collided with the handrail, and I blacked out. Back behind me, the back of my skull collided with the concrete stairwell.” After regaining consciousness, Edwards stated she returned to duties.

That day, about 100 police officers were hurt, and one of them died the next day. Later, four officers committed suicide. Edwards told the committee that putting on a uniform and serving her country had made her proud. On that day, however, rioters referred to her as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s puppy, inept, and a criminal. “They dared to call my honor into question,” Edwards remarked. “They dared to call my devotion into question, and they dared to call my duty into doubt.”

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