Updates on Tropical Storm Nicole Preparation From Lake County Officials

Today we have hot news ‘Updates on Tropical Storm Nicole Preparation From Lake County Officials.’ County authorities gave the most recent preparation information for Tropical Storm Nicole, including details on supplies, shelters, and closures.

Superintendent of the Lake County School Board Diane Kornegay, Director of Emergency Management Megan Milanese, and Lake County Fire Rescue Chief Jim Dickerson all gave speeches.

Animal Services Director Whitney Boylston and BCC Chairman Sean Parks were also present to update the locals. Winds and flooding are among the county’s worries, according to Park.

Sandbag work will go on until noon today at all six locations throughout the county, according to Parks. “In Lake County, there are two shelter places open.”


Parks advised locals to conclude their storm preparations. Before we experience those effects from Tropical Storm Nicole, be sure you’re going to be where you’re going to be, Milanese advised.

Updates on Tropical Storm Nicole Preparation From Lake County Officials

Boylston advised locals to consider their pets as they make preparations for the storm. She urged pet owners to check that they have all of their pets’ necessary prescriptions.

“Please bring everything you need for your pet, including some comfort goods like toys and blankets that are going to help out to be a little bit less worried out during the event,” Boylston advised if you plan to shelter with us at our pet-friendly site.


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