Verification and Fact-Checking Policy

Absolute Accuracy in Headlines

Every news story on the site goes through a strict review process to make sure the headline is correct. Rumors and insider reports are labelled as such so that our readers can tell the difference between facts and industry buzz that might be of interest to them.

Before we write an article, we make sure the information is up-to-date and correct. Before we start writing, we check sources and always go back to the original source (and references, if necessary). Even if other news sources say something that hasn’t been proven to be true is official confirmation, we need 100% confirmation before we can say it is. We do not post clickbait. Even though our headlines may be bold, we don’t make broad claims just to sound bold. It has to be true and checked for facts. Lake County News articles don’t just report the news; they also explain why that news is important to you in a way that only experts in the field can do.

The writers on the Lake County News team come from different parts of the entertainment industry and have different backgrounds. They work together because they love entertainment and want to give our site’s visitors the best and most interesting content possible.

Our writers and editors have been in the business for a long time, so they make sure that every new article has the most up-to-date, most accurate, and most important information. We follow basic journalism rules when we are the first source.

Taking a look at the big picture

The rules for feature content are the same, and we stress the importance of research, objectivity, and making a clear argument (and when drawing out a conclusion or theory, considering and including relevant counter-arguments). This way, we can talk about more possibilities and answer readers’ questions before they even ask them.

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