Vigil Series 2: Release Date, Cast & Everything You Need To Know!

Vigil Series 2: Vigil is a British police procedural TV show with six episodes. It was made by Tom Edge. Edge, along with Gaynor Holmes, Jake Lushington, James Strong, and Simon Heath, is also one of the four executive producers.

The series started on August 29, 2021, on BBC One. The audience liked the show, and the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gives it an approval rating of 85% at the moment. Since the show was officially picked up for a second season in March 2022.

So, when will the next season come out? How does the story go? Who will play their parts again? Keep reading to find out more.

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Vigil Series 2: Cast & Storyline

We don’t know what will happen in season two yet, but we do know that the crew will go back to Scotland to film it. In the first season, Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva of the Scottish Police Service was sent to HMS Vigil, a nuclear-powered Vanguard-class ballistic missile submarine, to look into a death on board. This happened soon after a Scottish fishing trawler went missing for unknown reasons.

She and her colleagues’ investigations on land put the police in conflict with the Royal Navy and MI5, which is the British Security Service. The events in the story are similar to what happened to the Royal Navy submarine HMS Vigilant.

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The sinking of the FV Antares by the nuclear-powered Royal Navy submarine HMS Trenchant in the Firth of Clyde in 1990 is similar to what happened to the fictional trawler Mhairi Finnea in the series. Families of the crew of the Antares were upset by scenes of the Mhairi Finnea sinking, but the BBC denied that the drama was based on or inspired by a real-life event.

Suranne Jones, Rose Leslie, Shaun Evans, Martin Compston, Paterson Joseph, Adam James, Gary Lewis, Lauren Lyle, and many more are among the cast members.

Vigil Series 2 Cast
Vigil Series 2 Cast

Vigil Series 2: Date of Release

The second season of Vigil will start in March 2022. Even though filming hasn’t started yet, we’re going to guess that it won’t come out until at least 2023.

Like the first season, the new one might have six episodes. But they haven’t said anything official about it yet.

Vigil Season 2 Trailer

The creators of Vigil Season 2 haven’t put out a trailer yet. You can watch the Season 1 trailer below for now.

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