War Of The Worlds Season 3: Premiere Confirmed For 2022

‘War of the Worlds,’ the Howard Overman adaptation of H.G. Wells’ renowned extraterrestrial invasion novel, will have a third season beginning production in July 2021, Epix confirmed. While an official launch date for the comeback has yet to be disclosed, it is planned to join the streaming site sometime in 2022, bringing with it some familiar faces and storylines and introducing at least a number of new characters.

In the Season 2 finale, Bill himself travels back in time, although his efforts to prevent the birth of the future “alien” race by eliminating its original mother, Daisy Edgar-Jones’ Emily, may or may not have been successful. Although the conclusion gives a reset of the narrative and its characters — hinting the aliens never make contact with the earth, and Bill never needs to develop the weapon of a virus – doubts linger, and at least one character is still seeing visions of the invasion.

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War Of The Worlds Season 3 Storyline 

Unidentified male narrators tell the story of a Martian invasion through the eyes of their brother in The War of the Worlds. A few years before the invasion, the story begins. Several observatories see flashes of light from Mars’ surface during the astronomical opposition in 1894 when Mars is closer to Earth than usual.

One of these flashes is seen by the narrator using a telescope at Ottershaw Observatory in Surrey, England. He instantly informs Ogilvy, “the well-known astronomer,” who is with him at the time. Ogilvy promptly dismisses the idea that the flashes are an indication of life on Mars. He informs the narrator that “[t]he chances against anything manlike on Mars are a million to one.” For several evenings, the flashes have persisted without explanation.

After a second Martian makes its way out of the cylinder, and the narrator runs away in panic. While he hides in the woods, a small group of men (including Ogilvy) approaches the cylinder with a white flag. As they get closer to the Martians, a huge flash of light destroys the guys holding the flag. Several additional flashes follow, driving the viewers to scatter. After escaping, the narrator returns to his house and tells his wife what he saw.

Shortly thereafter, armed personnel gathers on Horsell Common, and a second cylinder lands near the first. Fighting quickly breaks out between the soldiers and the Martians. A few hours later, the narrator decides to leave for Leatherhead with his wife after learning that the soldiers are helpless against Martians and their “Heat Rays.” He believes they would be safe there.

The narrator successfully delivers his bride to Leatherhead in a horse-drawn cart borrowed from an uncaring innkeeper. He returns the cart later that night. As he gets closer to Maybury, he sees something horrifying: a “monstrous tripod, higher than many buildings, walking over the young pine trees, and dashing them aside in their path.” Stupefied by the sight of the Martian “fighting machine,” the narrator smashes the cart, thereby severing the horse’s neck.

The storyteller just barely escapes detection by the Martians. Despite all obstacles, he makes it home safely. While sheltering there, he encounters a fleeing artilleryman. Cut off from his wife by a cylinder between Maybury and Leatherhead, the narrator decides to travel with the artilleryman.

They are, however, quickly split apart. After a horrific encounter with the Martians on the River Thames, the narrator finds an abandoned boat, which he uses to paddle into London. Overcome by “fever and faintness,” he stops in Walton, where he meets the curate who would become his companion for the next six weeks.

At this point, the narrative shifts to the perspective of the narrator’s younger brother, a medical student in London (who is also unidentified). According to the narrator, news of the Martian invasion was slow to spread in London. Two days after the initial attack, most Londoners were either uninformed of or indifferent about the risk presented by the Martians.

Only when the Martians march upon London do the inhabitants begin to panic. A toxic “Black Smoke” is emitted over the city by the Martians, driving the populace to flee en masse. The narrator’s brother witnesses a robbery of two women while fleeing to Essex with the help of a gang of men. The brother steps in and saves the woman with his bravery.

In return for his cooperation, they allow him to ride along in their carriage as the three of them set out for England’s south shore. After a sequence of tragic occurrences (their pony is taken away as food by the Committee of Public Supply), the company reaches the coast, where they combine their money and buy passage to Ostend, Belgium, on a steamer. As the steamer moves away from the shore, the brother observes a stunning clash between a warship—the torpedo ram HMS Thunder Child—and three Martian fighting machines.

During this time, the narrator and his companion, the curate, go house-to-house in quest of supplies of food. They notice a well-stocked house in Sheen and decide to stop for a little rest there instead of continuing on their journey. A “blinding blaze of brilliant green light” startles them almost immediately after they open their eyes.

Suddenly, a cylinder strikes the ground outside, and the narrator is knocked unconscious. A priest urges him not to move because Martians are outside when he regains consciousness. The narrator and the curate decide to dwell in the ruins of the house. One week of staring at Martians and hoarding what food is left causes their relationship to break down.

The curate eventually becomes hysterical, and the narrator is obliged to knock him senseless. A Martian hears the argument and, much to the narrator’s horror extends a tentacle into the ruins to grab hold of one of the parties involved. The tentacle nearly snags the narrator as well as the curate’s comatose body as it drags it out of the house.

The path to London is marked by mass destruction. As he proceeds, the narrator sees piles upon piles of bodies. He pursues the sound of a Martian chanting “Ulla” in the distance. Ready to end it all, the narrator approaches a fighting machine—only to learn that the Martian within is already dead. The putrefactive and pathogenic bacteria, for which the Martians’ systems were unprepared, have claimed the lives of all Martians.

The narrator is overwhelmed, and he experiences a three-day nervous collapse. In the care of a loving family, he recovers and returns to Maybury. At his home, he realizes that his wife has also survived. In the epilogue, the narrator contemplates the significance of the Martian invasion and warns future generations to prepare themselves.

War Of The Worlds Season 3 Casts And Characters

War Of The Worlds Season 3 Casts
War Of The Worlds Season 3 Casts

Elizabeth McGovern

Amerikan actress and singer-songwriter Elizabeth Lee McGovern has won a Screen Actors Guild Award and been nominated for three Golden Globe Awards and one Academy Award. Born in Evanston, Illinois, McGovern spent the majority of her early life in Los Angeles, California.

Adel Bencherif

Adel Bencherif is a French actor. He is most recognized for his part in the 2009 film A Prophet.

Natasha Little

Natasha Emma Little is an English actress. Among her most well-known performances are those of Edith Thompson in Another Life, Lady Caroline Langbourne in The Night Manager, and Christina Moxam in Thirteen, all of which aired on the British Broadcasting Company.

Stephen Campbell Moore

He is best recognized for his parts in Alan Bennett’s play The History Boys and the film adaptation. Stephen Campbell Moore is an English actor. Since 2019, he has starred in the sci-fi television series adaption War of the Worlds.

Other Casts: Ty Tennant, Lea Drucker, Emilie de Preissac 

War Of The Worlds Season 3 Release Date

Season 1 includes eight episodes, and was initially released in France in October 2019. An 8-episode season 2 was published in France in May 2021. Season 3 of War of the Worlds will premiere in 2022 after it was picked up in July of that year for the third season.

War Of The Worlds Season 3 Trailer


Despite the fact that the War of the World season 3 trailer has yet to be released. There are some great teasers and performances in the second season trailer for those who haven’t seen it yet, so if that’s the case, we highly recommend you have a look.

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