Lily Collins Eating Disorder

Lily Collins Early Life

As the daughter of British musician Phil Collins and Ahis American ex-wife Jill Tavelman (who was the president of the Beverly Hills Women's Club),

Lily Collins Career

The BBC's Growing Pains introduced Collins to the world of acting at the tender age of two. On 90210, Collins appeared in two episodes in 2009

Lily Collins Personal Life

As a child, Collins was exposed to the troubles of her parent's divorce through media coverage, and she does not want to discuss her personal relationships

Lily Collins Net Worth

English and American actress Lily Collins has a fortune estimated at $25 million. Lily Collins has established her own distinct character in the entertainment industry,

Lily Collins Eating Disorder

In addition to her role as Emily in Paris, Lily Collins has an on-screen and real eating disorder history, the latter of which has the brunette beauty firmly ensconced in recovery.

"It's an odd idea, to say the least. We worked with a nutritionist who made it clear from the start that her primary goal was to get me back to good health

Her breakthrough came with her appearance in The Blind Side, which was the third highest-grossing film of 2009, and she began acting