Possum Kingdom Lake Fire Continues Evacuations Underway

Possum Kingdom Lake Fire Continues Evacuations Underway

The 500-acre wildfire that destroyed a number of residences at Possum Kingdom Lake is still proving difficult for firefighters to contain.

A terrified As a wildfire erupted close to her 88-year-old father’s home on Possum Kingdom Lake on Monday afternoon, Sharon Benson recorded herself hurriedly going to check on him.

”If it weren’t for the fire, you might assume that. A little city of lights stood there “She spoke.Teddy Robertson reports losing power. He went outdoors to observe the flames spreading toward the lake’s north end.

He said, “I just witnessed a fire heading over the mountain. “I hope the wind doesn’t shift to my advantage.” Benson persuaded her father to go even though he was hesitant to do so.

Several homes are destroyed by a 500-acre wildfire close to Possum Kingdom Lake. “I’m grateful that I have my father, who I can touch and see. And we may travel together by car “She spoke.