The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – Everything We Know So Far

The Lincoln Lawyer was a huge hit with Netflix viewers when it came out in May 2022.

It quickly climbed to the top of the streaming service's top 10 list within the first week and, as of June 5, had been watched for 260.53 million hours.

The first season of The Lincoln Lawyer is based on Michael Connelly's book The Brass Verdict.

It follows defense attorney Mickey Haller as he works on the case of Trevor Elliot, who is accused of killing his wife and her boyfriend after finding out they were having an affair.

The Lincoln Lawyer will return for a second season on Netflix in June 2022.

Netflix also said that the second season would have 10 episodes and be based on Michael Connelly's book The Fifth Witness.

If the show follows the order of the books, it might be based on The Reversal, which is the third book in the series by Michael Connelly.