Your iPhone Will Automatically Bypass CAPTCHA Requests With Apple’s Upcoming Major Update!

Thankfully, it appears that Apple will soon take action.

In the Settings app, go to Apple ID > Password & Security > Automatic Verification to access the useful new function. 

According to TechCrunch, the future iOS 16 update for iPhones will introduce a new function that will quickly avoid those bothersome demands, which often involve entering a code or solving a visual puzzle.

Apple’s system confirms that the device and Apple ID account are in good standing and then delivers what is known as a Private Access Token to the app or website.

Apple just provided a video with technical specifics about how the feature works. In comparison to CAPTCHAs, this new method will provide a better user experience for things like logging in or creating an account, while also improving user privacy and accessibility.

Private Access Tokens are already supported by Cloud flare and Fastly, which means that millions of apps and websites utilizing both systems may soon be able to skip CAPTCHAs. Over time, the capability will become more widely available.