What Happened to Our Father Netflix Cline

Netflix recently released Our Father Netflix cline, a documentary about Dr. Donald Cline, an Indianapolis fertility doctor who used his own sperm to inseminate his patients. If reading that sentence doesn’t make you feel sick to your stomach, the rest of the movie will.

Jacoba Ballard blew the lid off Cline’s illegitimate child-bearing scheme in 2014, and the story is fascinating and disturbing in equal measure. DNA tests revealed that Cline was her biological father, and she learned this after discovering that she had half-siblings all over the country.



Actor Keith Boyle takes on the role of Cline at various points in the film. According to reports, Cline was inseminating women up until 1986 when he opened his practice. It appears that he had no idea he would be caught. What’s Dr. Cline up to now that he’s been released? It’s a bit of a let-down.





According to The Atlantic, Dr. Donald Cline was still living in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he had fathered nearly a hundred children without their parent’s knowledge or consent. He appears to maintain a low profile, but he still has a large following in the area.

Was Dr. Cline penalized for infecting these patients with his sperm?

A year after his retirement in 2009, Cline lost his license to practice law, according to The Atlantic. He was sentenced to a year of probation and a $500 fine, but he avoided going to prison.

The documentary makes a strong case that the judge was acquainted with Cline and had a great deal of sympathy for him, but this has yet to be confirmed. According to a lawyer in the movie, Cline could not be charged with rape because of the lack of physical evidence (or no one would do it).

Many of the victims and experts say that Cline had to masturbate near the women who were undergoing insemination. Perhaps his arousal still had an effect on his physical appearance. More than a few of them said they felt violated and had no intention of agreeing to him as the donor.

The conclusion was reached by district attorney’s office concluded that the women had “consented” to being inseminated. Because there wasn’t enough evidence of force, the jury in Indiana decided that this wasn’t rape.

In the end, Cline was caught lying to the attorney general’s office about having used his sperm and threatening one of his biological children with lawsuits for “slander and libel,” which led to two charges of felony obstruction of justice against him. A year later, he admitted to the two charges, according to the AP.

Cline’s biological children pushed for the passage of a law-making misrepresentation during a medical procedure, a felony, which was signed into law in 2018. They are hoping that this will help prevent future cases of fraud involving artificial insemination.

Since DNA testing was invented, 44 other fertility doctors have been found to be doing exactly what Dr. Cline was doing, albeit not to the same extent.



When Dr. Cline used his own sperm, what was the purpose?

In the documentary, this is one of the most perplexing questions that the filmmakers raise. Cline was practically begging his unacknowledged children to keep the story a secret, insisting that it would harm his reputation in his church and community if the truth came out.

His clinic was adorned with Christian artwork and decorations, and the documentary strongly implies that he had a religious motive for creating a large number of blonde blue-eyed babies. However, no one is certain.

The fact that Cline has admitted to using his own sperm, however sparingly, does not change his insistence that all the children born as a result of this practice are healthy. Blood clotting and autoimmune diseases are common health issues among the bio kids interviewed in the film. Cline has maintained that his actions had no sexual connotation.


As of right now, 94 of them have been identified. They’re all clustered together in Indiana, and a lot of them aren’t too far from Cline. Many of these adult half-siblings seem to want nothing more than to tell their story, as they feel that they were not treated fairly in court.

“The world doesn’t need to know” about Cline’s misdeeds, Our Father director Lucie Jourdan has said. She’s not on board.

Filmmaker Jourdan said, “The catharsis these siblings are experiencing, seeing their story finally come to light, makes this a wild success to me,” according to a statement in Our Father Netflix cline press release. “Cline did everything he could to keep them quiet and prevent this film from being made.”


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