Where To Watch Pixar's 'Lightyear'

Where To Watch Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’? Online Streaming Platforms

This coming June, Pixar’s latest film, “Lightyear,” will be released in theatres, bucking the current pattern of Pixar movies moving straight to streaming services. Chris Evans lends his voice to a new iteration of the character in the Toy Story spin-off movie. Rather than being a toy, this version of the character is an actual space explorer (similar to the Buzz we got in the TV show Buzz Lightyear of Star Command).

Even while Pixar is releasing Buzz Lightyear in theatres (the first of their movies to do so since Onward in early 2020), the film will shortly be made available to stream online. However, the precise time that the movie will be available to stream will be determined by a variety of other circumstances.

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Where Will Lightyear Be Streaming?


After it has been shown in theatres, there is just one other venue that will screen this movie: home video. Everything revolves around Disney+. Pixar’s “Lightyear” is the name of the movie. After their debut in theatres, all of the other Pixar films have been made available on Disney+. When the movies first hit theatres, a good number of them were already in the process of being transferred to Disney+.

Pixar did this not only because it was financially beneficial for the company, but also as a response to the widespread problem of cinemas shutting their doors. This movie will not be released on Disney+ right away. Due to the fact that it is going to be shown in IMAX, for some time, it will only be available in cinemas.

It is not yet possible to determine when it will become available on Disney+. When it comes to the dates on which its movies are made available on the streaming platform, Disney+ has not been very reliable. In the United Arab Emirates, movie is considered illegal to watch. The United Arab Emirates has decided to prohibit the film because it contains a scene in which two female characters have a kiss. It is quite unlikely that it will ever be made available on the Disney+ platform either.

When Will Lightyear Be Streaming?

Although the official release date for Disney+ has not been disclosed as of yet, there are a number of important hints that point to when the movie will become available on the streaming service. Other movie distributors, such as Paramount and Warner Bros., have stated publicly that they have decided to leave a gap of 45 days between when their movies are released in theatres and when they are available to watch online. On the other hand, Disney has shown less willingness to provide the precise dimensions of their windows.

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