Wo Long Release Date: Gameplay, Platforms & Latest Details!


The Three Kingdoms era in China is one of the most popular historical eras in video games. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, consider the popular video game series Dynasty Warriors, which is set during this period and focuses on the many wars that were fought during that time.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, on the other hand, appears to take a totally different approach to depict these events than the muso-style games. You can easily and satisfyingly dispatch hundreds of mindless fodder adversaries in those games.

Team Ninja, who recently created the critically acclaimed Nioh series, as well as having people who worked on the critically acclaimed Bloodborne series, is responsible for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty appears to be based on the Souls formula but also features a large number of fascinating components. Though not all of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been revealed, here is everything you need to know to begin your journey into ancient China.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Gameplay

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an action role-playing game played in the third person. It also seems to be open-world based on how it looks. The fights are a lot like the ones in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. As the trailer shows, players will be able to fight their enemies in different ways. Wo Long, on the other hand, will focus on how to use a sword in Chinese martial arts.

The usual jump, dodge, and parry controls are in the game, which makes combos possible. The players will have access to a variety of weapons that fit the time period, each of which has its own play style and strategy. Players can change their weapons and change how they fight in battle.

Aside from weapons, the player can also use different kinds of magic. From the trailer, it looked like the player could put fire on their sword and call down lightning from the sky. They also called upon a Phoenix to help them fight. We don’t know if it will be called magic when the game comes out, but for now, we can treat it as such. With so many different attacks to choose from, players should be able to find a style that works best for them.

If the people who made this game are any indication, it will definitely not be easy. After all, Nioh and Ninja Gaiden were both made by Team Ninja. In fact, the people who made this game have already called it a “masocore” game. Players who want to try this game must be ready for how hard it is.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Multiplayer Mode

According to the same interview, the only confirmed feature of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the inclusion of online multiplayer. A cooperative mode similar to the Nioh games was promised, and other modes resembling player versus player combat (PvP) may potentially be available. Invasion mechanics make sense for a game like Souls, but we can expect Team Ninja to give them their own spin.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Pre-order

There are currently no pre-orders available for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but there are two ways to get a head start. To begin with, this game will be available on Game Pass from the get-go, meaning subscribers to that service will be able to download and play it as soon as it launches. If you haven’t already, you can put it on your Steam wish list right now. As soon as formal pre-orders are available, as well as if there are variants, we will let you know.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is not an Xbox exclusive, despite being shown prominently on the Xbox stage and included in Game Pass at launch. The release dates for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC versions are all the same.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Release Date

The release of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is scheduled to take place in the early part of 2023. In light of the fact that Team Ninja has previously published games such as Nioh and Stranger of Paradise, we anticipate that the game will be released in March of 2023.

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